DJ Signify, Of Cities (Bully)

It's not all downtempo gloom and doom with this Brooklyn beatsmith; he's got a few lively sampling tricks up his sleeve. By Max Herman

Moderate murkiness
When it comes to dark downtempo, it''s easy for producers within this realm to alienate listeners by getting carried away with their own gloominess. For Brooklyn beatsmith DJ Signify, his new album, Of Cities, offers just enough tonal variety to not be weighed down. Signify no doubt favors Blade Runner-esque sci-fi sonics of the tracks “The Sickness” and “Delight to the Sadist (feat. Matt Kelly).” These angst-ridden cuts do showcase the beatsmith''s sturdy drum programming and synth work, but when he looks for alternate inspiration (see the vivid “Bollywood Babies”), he proves he can flip lively samples just as well. [3.5 out of 5 stars]