DMGAudio's Multiplicity is a Frequency-Conscious Dynamics Toolbox

Multiband compression, expansion, gating and dynamic EQ from one plugin
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Described in no uncertain terms as a 'monster' by DMGAudio, Multiplicity has eight frequency bands of operation and is said to separate transients from dynamics before getting to work on the signal based on these definitions.

Those eight bands of operation can be set to 'Xover', for creating multiband setups; and 'Pre' and 'Post' settings to place frequency-conscious dynamics processing before or after crossover network.

It seems you might be able to, say, roll off the low end using a Pre filter with no dynamics processing, add a dynamic EQ fed by a sidechain to rein in sibilant frequencies, and boost low-mid transients, and apply gentle sculpting with some general EQ – all from the same plugin instance.

"It’s fine to be a bit scared by it – we are too," said the forward-thinking developer of comprehensive software tools, "but it’s worth it for the magic you can work with it."

Version 1 of Multiplicity is available now for an introductory discount of £157.50 at The regular price is £175. Multiplicity works in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats in both 32- and 64-bit.