DoReMIR Introduces ScoreCleaner

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If you're a composer, songwriter, arranger, copyist, student, or teacher, ScoreCleaner will change the way you work. ScoreCleaner is an amazing software tool that accurately interprets and transcribes your performances into beautifully precise scores while you play, making you a more efficient, effective, and prolific music professional.

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Far from an ordinary notation program
ScoreCleaner is built on academic research in music cognition—which seeks to explain how humans understand music on a basic level. From that research DoReMIR has designed software that understands musical phrasing, and artistic intent. That’s why ScoreCleaner, among many other things, can analyze which time signature and key you’re playing in without your having to tell it in advance, without needing a click track, quantizing, or tweaking your score after the fact.

All you need is a USB or MIDI controller keyboard and your computer. You don't have to be an expert player to use ScoreCleaner. In fact, even if you're not a virtuoso, ScoreCleaner will dictate your score with amazing accuracy.

ScoreCleaner is an affordable tool that delivers priceless results—fully realized scores at a fraction of the usual time, with post-editing features that are as fast and intuitive as your mind can work. Try it Free!

Buy ScoreCleaner from your favorite authorized dealer, or from ILIO at the best possible price.