Double Impact Drums Release ‘The Ultimate Custom Bundle’

Instant Access to Huge Drum Sounds
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Double Impact Drums Release ‘The Ultimate Custom Bundle’

We’re very proud to introduce you to ‘The Ultimate Custom Bundle’. This impressive bundle is the result of an international collaboration between Double Impact Drums and DR Customs.

The unique hand build drum kits from the German manufacture DR Customs were recorded in the beautiful sounding live room of Germany’s Ghost City Recordings. Together with producer Alex Adelhardt a great series of drum sounds were crafted using a nice selection of studioequipment and microphones.

All post processing and programming was handled by Double Impact Drums at the Double Impact Productions facility located in The Netherlands. Next to the custom drum kits a set of hand hammered, clear sounding cymbals from Amedia were added to the NI Kontakt instrument to provide you with an all in one drum solution.

Whether you’re a producer on a budget or a high end professional, this unbeatable price for such a complete bundle means a big drum sound is within reach for everyone.

‘The Ultimate Custom Bundle’ gives you ‘the’ custom drum sound under your fingertips. Whether you’re mixing or programming, with all the presets included, ‘The Ultimate Custom Bundle’ will give you instant access to huge drum sounds.

The bundle features:

  • 5 Kicks.
  • 6 Snares (11 Different tunings).
  • 12 Toms.
  • A complete set of Amedia cymbals.
  • Presets for NI Kontakt, Trigger and Drumagog.

You can check the product video’s here:

Product features video:
NI Kontakt features video:
Trigger features video: