Download of the Month: Polyfractus Model 1.1

The Polyfractus Model 1.1 (freeware) is an AU plug-in for the Mac that takes modulation and delay to the extreme.
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Model 1.1 (freeware) is an AU plug-in for the Mac from French musician and software designer Dragan Petrovic. The plug-in's name is a contraction of the words modulation and delay, both of which it does in the extreme. Delay times for its cross-feedback stereo delay range from 1 ms to 1 second. The primary source of modulation is a souped-up LFO for controlling the delay time. You get seven preset LFO patterns, and you can draw your own. For stereo enhancement, you twist a handy phase knob to shift the phase relationship of the LFO waveforms applied to the right and left stereo channels.

Once you have things moving around, you can inflict further damage with the built-in decimator and ring-modulator circuits. The decimator's effect is as enigmatic as the ring-modulator's is straightforward. Next in line are low- and high-shelf filters with a dedicated envelope follower for modulating their levels. The signal path ends in a static, resonant lowpass filter that is useful for toning down the often-edgy results from the preceding stages. MIDI remote control and automation are up to the host, but most modern DAWs offer both.

Model comes with a goodly assortment of factory presets ranging from subtle rhythm enhancers to typical feedback delays to extreme modulation and distortion (see Web Clip 1). The documentation is minimal, but not much is necessary. You'll find several other shareware and freeware effects on the Polyfractus Web site ( If you still have Mac OS 9 lurking somewhere, try the multiple-loop player MMP.