DPA Announces The 4080 Miniature Cardioid Lavalier

Combining exceptional audio quality and low visibility, DPA Microphones is pleased to announce the release of the DPA 4080 miniature cardioid lavalier microphone.  The new 4080 combines optimal speech intelligibility with a discreet, compact design to create a high-performance lavalier microphone for broadcast, conference or other live applications.

Achieving maximum gain before feedback, the acoustically pre-equalized 4080 captures the human voice with an exceptionally high degree of definition, providing a very distinguishable and intelligible sound quality.

The 4080 draws on the tradition of DPA’s proven miniature microphone technology. The 4080 is a complete, integrated system combining microphone, windscreen, shock mount, and cable management lapel clip into a compact, elegant solution. The microphone can be easily turned in any direction and it mounts on either the right or left lapel.

Mechanically robust, this microphone is designed to withstand stressful field conditions for long life and maximum reliability. At just 1.2 inches in length and 0.5 oz in weight, the 4080 sets a new standard for superior sound in a sleek package.

All DPA miniature microphones come standard with MicroDot connectors that attach to a wide range of adapters, allowing their use with all popular models of wireless systems, with hard-wired options also available.