Drumforge Modular Sample Library Available Now

Features Over 50 Unique Drum Instruments
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"Drumforge" Modular Sample Library Available Now, Features Over 50 Unique Drum Instruments

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Drumforge, one of the most ambitious and comprehensive drum & cymbal sample libraries every developed is available now from award-winning producer Joey Sturgis and fellow producers Joel Wanasek and Joe Wohlitz.

Drumforge features over 50 different drum instruments and is one of the first drum sample libraries that allows you to create cross-genre drum tones using a fully automatable multi-mic fader system. The microphones have been put in interesting positions and processed creatively to provide you with a wide variety of tonal options.

You can purchase drums separately as modular digital downloads or get them all with the Drumforge I Pack! The online store also offers various combinations of drum instruments bundled together at a discount.

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