DSI Sequential Prophet-6

Analog is back, baby, and it’s better than ever
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Way back in 1978, Dave Smith made musical instrument history when he launched the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, the first truly polyphonic synthesizer that could memorize and instantly recall complete patches. With five distinctive analog voices, the Prophet-5 instantly became the go-to synth for recording hit records until, just a few years later, digital synths and samplers rudely knocked it off its throne.

Over time, analog polysynths were considered just too expensive to compete with their digital counterparts, but you can’t keep a good format down. The demand for true analog came roaring back in the 21st century. Smith and company have answered the call by launching the Prophet 6, a true analog polysynth that combines old-school sound and a classic user interface with modern technology, and the first synth bearing the Sequential moniker since 1987. Compared with its predecessor, the Prophet 6 is undeniably new and improved, with continuously variable VCO waveforms, a suboscillator for each voice, lowpass and highpass VCFs, new LFO waveforms, an expanded Poly-Mod section, velocity and aftertouch response, digital effects processing, memory locations for 1,000 programs, and a modern arpeggiator/sequencer thrown into the mix. Don’t need the 49-note keyboard? The new Prophet-6 Desktop can be yours for hundreds less.

If you’ve been longing for a modern polysynth with real VCOs, VCAs, and VCFs, your wait is definitely over.