EastWest Composer Cloud

A personal orchestra at your fingertips—anytime, anywhere
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Imagine you’re in the middle of a session and you suddenly realize that an orchestral harp would take your track to the moon. With subscription-based, web-delivered software as the norm, shouldn’t you have instant 24/7 access to any instrument you can think of? Of course you should, and EastWest has you covered with Composer Cloud.

Highly regarded for its broad collection of libraries and VIs, including the Hollywood Orchestra series and Symphonic Choirs, EastWest’s Composer Cloud Gold collection is your gateway to more than 9,000 virtual instruments for a reasonable monthly subscription fee. There’s a discount if you subscribe by the year, a reduced rate for students, and the company offers a free trial month with your choice of three Composer Cloud products.

Whether you’re a composer, game-audio designer, or songwriter, Composer Cloud is the most affordable way to expand your timbre palette, as well as get the sound you need when you need it. That’s a winning combo.