EastWest Quantum Leap Offers Complete Composers Collection 2 Professional

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EASTWEST is proud to announce the Complete Composers Collection 2 Professional, the popular customizable bundle that allows users to individually select a minimum of 7 award-winning EASTWEST/QUANTUM LEAP Virtual Instruments at a discounted bundle pricing.

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This new collection includes the flagship Hollywood Diamond series as well as the Platinum Editions of Symphonic Orchestra, Choirs and Pianos, adding the versatility of multiple microphone positions. Customers can choose 7 or more from 21 award-winning virtual instruments, such as
Hollywood Strings Diamond Edition
Hollywood Brass Diamond Edition
Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds Diamond Edition
The Dark Side
Ministry of Rock 2
Quantum Leap Spaces
Quantum Leap Solo Violin

Each of these virtual instruments is a veritable masterpiece with truly authentic sounds, and the incredible detail and sound options are unprecedented. Anyone familiar with EASTWEST/QUANTUM LEAP knows that all their virtual instruments are recorded with today’s top talent in their world-class studios with the best equipment available, and are used and endorsed by some of the most successful composers in the world.

With the Complete Composers Collection 2 Professional, musicians have access to these instruments and articulations at a fraction of the price of buying them individually as all products are discounted at more than 60% off each product’s retail price (discount only applies to initial purchase of CCC2 PRO with a minimum of 7 products).

The Complete Composers Collection 2 Professional products are pre-installed on an ultra fast 2TB external hard drive that is able to run the instruments with a USB 3 connection. The massive collection is powered by EASTWEST’s PLAY 4 software.

In addition to offering the Complete Composers Collection 2 Professional at a great bundle price, EASTWEST provides USA customers with the opportunity to pay over 6 months at soundsonline.com with their new “Bill Me Later” feature (subject to credit approval).

As with all EASTWEST products, an iLok security key is required (not included and available online). As an incentive to new customers, first time EASTWEST customers will receive a 50% discount off the list price of the iLok2 security key. With iLok 2, one key will hold up to 500 licenses from EASTWEST and others.

Pricing & Availability
If ordered before August 31, 2013, PLAY 4 and the optional SSL/EW FX Global Suite are included for free ($99 / €79 value). The Complete Composers Collection 2 Professional is available at http://www.soundsonline.com/CCC2-PRO and http://www.soundsonline-europe.com/CCC2-PRO (for European customers).

The standard configuration of the Complete Composers Collection 2 Professional is available for $1,499 / €1,159. The final price depends on the user’s selection. Product and ordering information can be found at the links above depending on your location.