EAW Introduces 12 New Models into their Popular MK Series of Compact Installation Loudspeakers

EAW is using the Musikmesse/Pro Light and Sound Convention in Frankfurt to introduce for the first time in Europe, 12 new models in their popular MK Series of compact, two-way fixed installation speakers.

The new MK2300 and MK5300 benefit from new components and circuitry that not only increase their trademark “work-horse” versatility, but also allows them to deliver even more high quality sound than any other speaker near their price and size.

The new MK2300 and MK5300 speakers begin with an all-new 3-inch voice coil compression driver that is mated to one of six different HF horns with patterns ranging from 60° x 45°, to 120° x 60°. The horns are as large as the enclosure size allows in order to maintain consistent directivity throughout the HF passband. In addition, the HF horns are user-rotatable, allowing installers to mount the loudspeakers in both vertical and horizontal applications. Even the LF driver is purposely designed to complement the sonic character and output of the HF driver.

All MK Series models are carefully designed to sound similar, permitting diverse horn patterns to be mixed throughout an installation while maintaining the same sonic quality. The result is a cleaner, high-fidelity output at significantly higher levels than is normally expected from a speaker in the new MK’s size and price category.

In addition, all MK Series models can be selected for single-amp and/or bi-amp operating mode. In single-amp mode, the beamwidth matching passive crossover is designed for even power response through the crossover, low power losses, and high power handling. In bi-amp mode, the loudspeakers are designed to work with an outboard digital signal processor (DSP). This improves power transfer and provides more sophisticated processing to maximize performance.

“The new EAW MK Series incorporates the famous EAW technology in such a smart package that makes them the perfect solution for the main PA in an endless list of small applications,” commented Rich Frembes, Product Director for EAW. “We are pleased to introduce the latest additions to our popular MK Series and to continue to grow this popular EAW line.”

For more information, visit www.eaw.com.