Edirol Releases System Updates for R-09HR & R-09 Handheld Recorders

EDIROL by Roland is pleased to announce that the widely popular EDIROL R-09HR<http://www.rolandus.com/products/productdetails.aspx?ObjectId=960> and R-09<http://www.rolandus.com/products/productdetails.aspx?ObjectId=757> portable digital recorders are now fully compatible with 32GB Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) memory cards. This additional memory card compatibility enables users to record many more hours of high-resolution .WAV PCM files, and up to 22 days of MP3 audio files with the EDIROL line of digital recorders.

The flagship R-09HR is the newest of EDIROL’s award-winning digital recorders, providing crystal-clear 24bit/96kHz fidelity that travels light and performs like a heavyweight. In addition to a newly-developed Isolated Adaptive Recording Circuit (I.A.R.C.), the R-09HR includes a dedicated analog input control, low-cut filter, limiter/AGC (Auto Gain Control), and gain boost. The onboard electret condenser microphone elements are compact, ultra-sensitive, and placed to capture three-dimensional sound naturally and accurately. The R-09HR is also the only digital recorder with a remote control included right in the box.

Along with the original R-09, which was introduced in 2006, the R-09HR is perfect for recording live music events, recitals, and rehearsals. It’s also handy as a songwriter’s sketchpad, ensuring that no moment of inspiration is lost. Students can use it to record lectures, broadcasters and journalists can use the R-Series for in-the-field interviews--the audio-capturing applications are endless.

To download R-09HR Firmware Update v1.04, please visit:

To download R-09 Firmware Update v1.31, please visit:

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