Editors Keys Release New Portable Vocal Booth Home Edition

Update Features a Flexible Recording System and New Color Scheme
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The recording and editing equipment company Editors Keys released the new version of the Portable Vocal Booth Home Edition under their Studio Series brand. The Vocal Booth Home Edition features a flexible recording system and new color scheme.

The new Portable Vocal Booth Home Edition is the successor to the hugely popular original edition of the Vocal Booth Home, which was last updated in 2013; The 2015 Vocal Booth Home Edition is 51% smaller when folded down, yet expands up to 38% wider when opened up, allowing extra room for multiple microphones.

Designed to give users professional studio grade recordings at home when recording singing or vocal work, the updated booth takes up less space due to its ability to be folded inward. The new Vocal Booth Home has been given a brand new unique look with the trademark colours for Studio Series; black and orange.

The specially moulded foam which has been increased by 10% in density has been shaped and processed in a way that helps create perfect dry vocals and also prevents unwanted noise such as traffic, air conditioning and computer hums from spoiling your recordings.

The new Vocal Booth Home Edition comes with its own unique clamping system which allows the vocal booth to be attached to any microphone stand. The vocal booth is as convenient as it is portable, and with the same price tag as it’s predecessor, it will keep its reputation for value for money.

The New Portable Vocal Booth Home can be purchased from the Editors Keys website for £89.99 from September 15, 2015.