Editors Keys Releases Cubase Shortcut Keyboard Cover

Cubase Silicone Shortcut Cover for MacBook Pro and iMac Keyboards
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Editors Keys have released the World’s first ever Cubase silicone shortcut cover for MacBook Pro and iMac keyboards.

The shortcut editing company based in the UK have worked with Steinberg Cubase to design the perfect skin which allows audio editors and producers globally to speed up workflow by up to 40%

Having over 80 shortcuts printed on the covers and being colour coded to enhance the visibility of shortcuts, the covers come as a budget friendly alternative to the shortcut keyboards also designed for Cubase by Editors Keys.

Being made from 100% silicone as well being heat fused leading to longer lasting durability, the covers are waterproof and protect keyboards from spills, dust and dirt.

The keyboard covers are compatible with :

  • 13” MacBook Air
  • 13” and 15” MacBook Pro
  • iMac Wireless Keyboard

The Cubase cover is available to purchase in a wired and wireless version on the Editors Keys website www.editorskeys.com retailing at £27.99