Editor's Note: Feedback Loop

Editor Gino Robair introduces two new columnists
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The virtual mailbag has been bulging at the seams lately, and the staff at EM has enjoyed reading your insightful comments. The very reason Craig Anderton launched this magazine 30+ years ago was to share reliable information with musicians interested in broadening their skill-set, as well as provide the context in which to use it. You’re letters help us continue our mission.

And thanks to your feedback, we are launching two new columns in this issue, “The Electronic Guitarist” and “Adventures in DIY.” In addition to writing for Guitar Player, EM, and many other magazines, guitarist-producer Michael Ross has authored several books (including Getting Great Guitar Sounds and All About Effects) and is the founder of guitarmoderne.com, “a zine for adventurous guitarists.” Ross makes extensive use of a laptop, iPad, and MIDI controllers in his own music for processing his axe, and it’s his experience in overcoming the gotchas of technology that we will tap in “The Electronic Guitarist” column.

Meanwhile, readers of EM and Keyboard will certainly recognize David Battino’s byline. He’s been writing “bite-size creativity columns” for nearly a decade, but this month he’ll begin delivering full meals: “Adventures in DIY” focuses on circuit bending, software hacks, web audio tricks, guerrilla sound design, music video, mobile-device jamming, and his favorite four-letter word, MIDI.

As always, I welcome your comments and criticisms, and I sincerely hope you will enjoy this month’s issue of Electronic Musician magazine.