EDMX is an All in One App for Music Lovers

Plan Your Festival Experiences
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EDMX Clears The Clutter This Festival Season With An All In One App For Music Lovers

Create a personalized schedule, discover new artists, and dance through your favorite festivals with EDMX this memorial day weekend.


"Delete your festivals apps - the one-stop shop for the electronic music event experience is here." 

Dancing Astronaut

Just in time for festival season, EDMX releases its most impressive app update yet, with the festival lover at the core of its development. Wouldn’t it be convenient if all of your music festival plans fit in your pocket? EDMX is your go-to festival lifestyle source. You can make and share lineups for any major EDM event around the world, check-in to keep track of your festival life, check out and explore all the artists from the festivals with artist profiles that have bios, music, pics and more; be alerted when your favorite artists and events have updates, listen to music and create playlists and more! No app has made it so convenient and enjoyable to create, customize, and share your festival plans.

EDMX is a free mobile app for EDM fans to follow their favorite artists, festivals and EDM news; interact with fellow EDM lovers, and to use EDMX’s unique technology to plan and enhance their festival experiences. The EDMX app covers festivals, artists and news, from around the world with complete artist profiles, schedules and related content. App users can personalize their app by favoriting artists and festivals, building playlists, sharing photos, and creating schedules for their festival experience. Without question, EDMX will redefine how we stay connected and share our favorite electronic music and festival news. EDMX has worked with Lights All Night festival in Dallas in the past for their festival app, which received a 70% download rate. Now they are partnering with Disco Donnie Present’s Sunset Music Festival to create an app that extends beyond the short duration of the festival. Here is what Evan from Disco Donnie had to say about EDMX;

“EDMX has been a helpful partner to develop solutions that showcase the unique offerings at DDP's festivals. EDMX provides rich artist content and scheduling abilities, but also allows fans to browse festivals world-wide and connect with one another. That community of fans is a particularly important part of its appeal.” Evan Bailey // Marketing Director // Disco Donnie Presents.

With this new update for the app, EDMX brings a slew of features that will exude all exisiting EDM and festival apps, just look at what all the app has to offer with this recent update.

EDMX Festival Guide provides the following features:

· 175 Festivals and over 2500 DJs that instantly load for you to explore
· Build custom schedules for the festivals you are attending and share with your friends
· Get tickets, view maps, and check-in at any festival
· Check out artist's bio, music, photos and upcoming festival dates
· Listen and share artist tracks, mixes, and sets
· Build audio playlists
· “Favorite” festivals to get notifications on schedule updates
· “Favorite” artists to get notifications when they get added to festival lineups
· Custom profiles keep track of your festival life, including check-ins, badges, friends and favorites
· Take photos and share them with other festival goers via Instagram

Currently the EDMX app is only available for Apple products, but an Android app will be released in the future along with some other features that will truly change the way we consume electronic music and news.

Download the EDMX app here
Read more on EDMX here 


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  • EDMX is the only app for iPhone and Android containing every EDM festival in the world, over 2500 artists and a news feed which aggregates all the top EDM blogs.
  • EDMX uses its unique festival interface as a lead in into the rapidly expanding EDM marketplace. Once a user is in the app, they find a huge selection of artists, new music, photos and other content that surrounds the culture.
  • For its festival technology, EDMX manually collects all festival and artist data in house. We understand that festivals are busy and need to focus their resources efficiently. EDMX is an all-inclusive platform, which provides festivals and users a solution by offering everything found on individual festival apps. EDMX also has functionality for large-scale conferences like Winter Music Conference, BPM Festival, and Moogfest.
  • Individual festival apps are only downloaded/accessed a couple weeks before and are soon forgotten after the festival. EDMX keeps users engaged with a year-round app which brands find attractive. Artists, Festivals and News are updated daily. Users are able to create profiles where they can save their favorites, earn badges for participation through the app, post their Check-ins, and share their social media & music profiles.
  • EDMX’s extensive content enables users to listen to their favorite artists, discover new artists, and build their schedules, exciting them for the upcoming event and enriching their festival experience.
  • EDMX has a one-of-a-kind database with unmatched Artist and Festival data. Currently the app contains 150 + global festivals with 3,000 + artist profiles and growing.
  • EDMX allows users to generate their own content (e.g. photos, schedules, favorites, and playlists) to share with their friends and followers, virally promoting festivals.



An extensive database of festivals allows users to explore and create customized playlists and lineups for virtually any festival in the world.

  • EDMX's festival list is like having 175 different festivals' apps in one phone. There's no other app with this feature. 
  • Instantly load the festival and get all the important details, including: location, date, ticket links, lineup, photos and more. 
  • Instantly load the lineup to check out the artists and visit their profile pages, view set times, make your custom schedule, and enable notification. 
  • There are hundreds of festivals that are not utilizing mobile to fully enhance their event experience. EDMX creates yearlong engagement for events, extending relevancy and prominence beyond the actual festivals' date.


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EDMX provides you with in-depth and update artists profiles including photos, music, events, news, and more.

  • Comprehensive artist profiles are accessible from a festival line up page or the artist search. If accessed from a festival, the festival name and artist schedule will appear.
  • The artist page is one of the most comprehensive pages you can find on any app. It includes:

- Bio, pic, social links

- users can listen to full songs from the artists’s souncloud and create playlists leading to extended use on the app

- Photos and video are pulled from that artist’s social media accounts (Instagram)

- An instantly loadable list of festivals where the artist is performing


Each EDMX user will get a personal “Profile Page” which will be viewable by other users on the app.

Favorites, Friends, and check-ins drive user participation and sharing the EDMX app with their friends, with badges coming soon.

The user’s “Profile Page” includes:

Access to "Info" “Friends” and “Favorites”
List populated from check-ins at festivals, stages, and sponsored check-ins.

Ability to customize and edit your profile data.

Another exciting feature of the user profiles is the ability to achieve badges that will have certain merit and rewards in the EDM community. Much like FourSquare, badges are rewarded in the areas of:
· Festival Check-ins: Amount, distance, loyalty, etc.
· Social: Posting pictures, sharing from the app, etc.
· Participation: Favoriting, create schedule, add festivals, etc.
· Special: Badges created with festival and brand partners