Eiosis Releases AirEQ

Designed to Speed Up Mixing Workflow
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AirEQ was designed with a vision of achieving musical, technical and sonic excellence. Simple, intuitive and quick to use, AirEQ always sounds great. The Water and Fire curves as well as the Character and Strength parameters were adjusted by ear, so mixing engineers can focus on one thing - making music sound great.

A new dimension to equalization

AirEQ’s revolutionary Character parameter goes Beyond Analog : in order to adjust precisely and continuously the resonance of each band, it changes the shape of the equalization curve, from the smooth Water curve to the focused Fire curve. It is the most elegant and artistic way to control resonances quickly and intuitively.

Adjust your resonances continuously

Water : the smoothest sound possible, open and natural, ideal for transparency. Clear highs, compact bass and balanced mids. Fire : very tight and focused sound, with punch and impact, ideal for precision. Snappy mids, sharp highs and powerful lows. Neutral : the usual equalization curves, perfectly matched to their analog references.

Air and Earth

The Air and Earth are a new and easy way to adjust high and low frequencies. The Earth is amazing to boost the very low end of any track, because it never sounds boomy thanks to the unique design of its phase response. The Air is an incredibly smooth and silky high frequency adjustment, perfect for breathing life into any track.

Fast, intuitive, simple, and yet powerful, beautiful and musical.

AirEQ has been designed to hasten the workflow of mixing engineers, so they can reach quickly, and intuitively, the sound they have in their mind. The musical Q/Gain adjustment, along the Strength behavior, used with the ultra-musical analyzer, is the perfect combination of listenting, intuition and analysis.

Hide the analyzer for an "ears-only mode", right-click on band switches for advanced options, shift-click on the Q for per-band Character, rename bands to make your own presets, assign each band to Left or Right, Mid or Side, class bands by frequency order. Equalizing has never been that quick, easy and elegant.

Plugin for AAX32 & AAX64, VST3, VST2, AU, RTAS, OSX and Windows, 32 and 64 bits formats. AirEQ requires an iLok 2 dongle to run. A fully functionnal 30 day trial is available at www.eiosis.com

About Eiosis

Eiosis was founded by Fabrice Gabriel, also Co-Founder and CTO of Slate Digital, and algorithm designer of the award winning Slate Digital: FG-X, VCC, VTM and VBC.

Eiosis develops innovative software for mixing engineers, musicians and recording studios. Our goal is to provide always the best quality for our products, which are the result of a lot of development and efforts from the Eiosis team.

Eiosis is dedicated to release challenging projects. Even the story of the company has always been challenging : after a lot of setbacks & obstacles, Eiosis is back to life again with a stronger determination than ever. Our goal is still to infuse the DNA of innovation and customer satisfaction to the team, which is constantly growing.

We're looking forward all the future challenges, and we are really excited to bring new tools to the audio community, mixing engineers, and everyone who has the passion for music and sound.

Fabrice Gabriel about AirEQ :

“I always dreamt about bringing new sonic possibilities to the equalization world that had not been done before. I also wanted to feature these innovations in a “desert island” type of equalizer, the one that you would use on every single mix, because its musicality allows you to quickly reach the sound you hear in your mind.

“My goal was to bring something to go further than the bandwidth adjustment, which would also become essential to every sound engineer’s daily work, something which would drastically change the sound and extend the possibilities of equalization.

"So I went back to the drawing board to redefine one of the fundamental characteristics of what an equalizer can do : the ‘Character Control’ is a whole new way to shape your

equalization sound. It brings a new set of curves the world has yet to use.

“With the Water curve, you get incredibly smooth boosts and cuts, which is ideal for transparent tone shaping, mastering and any situation which requires natural sounding

spectral balance adjustments. Compared to the neutral curves, it can become so transparent that you ask yourself if the processing is still on !

“The Fire curve provides focused, steep, boosts and cuts, while keeping the phase response very tight. I like to say that the Fire curve “hits” rather than it “rings”, that’s why it’s perfect to add punch !”

- Fabrice Gabriel, Eiosis CEO

MSRP : $149, available atwww.eiosis.com
Product URL : www.eiosis.com/aireq.html
AirEQ Presentation video : www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrq4PaZLLxI

Plugin for AAX32 & AAX64, VST3, VST2, AU, RTAS, OSX and Windows, 32 and 64 bits formats. Requires an iLok 2. Fully functional 30 days trial available at www.eiosis.com