Eisenberg Presents Einklang Software Synthesizer

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Eisenberg presents EINKLANG, a next generation synthesizer for Mac and PC. Based on an intuitive user interface and a new technology, EINKLANG sets the focus on musical creativity instead of technical parameters. With the morph field – a triangle-shaped control element – three different instrument models of any kind may be chosen and seamlessly morphed into each other. This allows the user to edit the central elements of sounds (e.g. timbre, length, pitch or loudness) independently from each other – without having to deal with technical parameters or mathematical algorithms. This is made possible through Artificial Intelligence Studio Technology (AIST), the core technology developed by Eisenberg.

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AIST allows synthesizers to understand the structures of sounds, and remembers specific nuances of different instruments. AIST is patent-pending and has been awarded at the CeBIT, the world’s biggest exhibition of information technology. After nine years of research and three years of development, EINKLANG will launch in early December.