eJamming AUDiiO beta Released March 28th: Breakthrough Service Enables Musicians to Play and Collaborate Online, in Real Time and in Sync

Musicians have long dreamed of connecting online in real time. Today eJamming, Inc. makes the dream a reality with the release of eJamming® AUDiiO beta, a breakthrough real-time Internet collaboration technology and service for musicians, and the debut of the eJamming AUDiiO portal, which will become a resource-rich community where musicians can connect, showcase their music, find teachers/students, buy and sell gear, and more.

eJamming AUDiiO is the first online service to enable any musician - acoustic or electronic, student or professional - to make music and collaborate with others in complete synchrony over the Internet. The software and service are available for free during beta at www.ejamming.com.

eJamming AUDiiO provides a virtual practice and recording studio for the estimated 250 million musicians and singers worldwide. With eJamming AUDiiO, musicians can write, rehearse, record, learn and play together over the Internet. All they need is access to a computer, broadband connection, audio interface device and microphone.

I used eJamming AUDiiO to connect with Orlando and Los Angeles in the same session and was amazed by how it was possible to jam with musicians thousands of miles away from my hometown of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England in a real-time audio session using nothing more than my guitar and FX plugged into my PC. It was also easily the most immersive and satisfying online experience I have had to date,” said Trevor Sewell, a U.K-based professional guitarist. “I am now looking forward to connecting and collaborating with musicians throughout England. I have already made new like-minded friends on eJamming. This is simply the best software I have ever used, bar none!

For the first time, any musician—vocalist, acoustic guitarist, horn and string player, even harmonica players and accordionists—can play together with others over the Internet and importantly, in sync,” said eJamming Co-Founder and Chairman/President Alan Jay Glueckman, who led eJamming’s international engineering team in developing this new technology. “eJamming AUDiiO technology effectively resolves the delays in transmitting audio online that have prevented real-time music collaboration in the past.

Proprietary data-thinning schemes and patented Internet delay-management algorithms enable eJamming AUDiiO to achieve the real-time synchrony among musicians in different locations that is critical for a satisfying online collaboration.

The eJamming AUDiiO software also includes a host of features designed to enhance the online collaborative experience such as CD-quality recording capability, searchable profiles that allow musicians to identify others with like interests, JamVite instant messaging so musicians can invite one another to jam, an automated calendar for scheduling sessions, and full MIDI capability. The user interface is clean, contemporary, player-centric and easy to use.

Additional resources for member musicians will be integrated into the eJamming AUDiiO portal during the beta test period, turning it into a real “home base” for members:
· Friends and Bands: Links to musician friends who are currently online; lists of the various eJamming Bands the member has joined or belongs to and links to those bands’ pages within the portal where they can showcase themselves and their music
· Daily “Featured Band”: Spotlights an eJamming member band each day on the homepage
· The Limelight Bar: Welcomes each new member with a spotlight on the eJamming home page
· Highlights: Dynamically lists new content posted anywhere on the portal in the center of the homepage
· eJamming Happenings: Lists members logged in and current jams going on
· Classifieds: Allows teachers and students to find one another; bands to announce auditions; and members to look for arrangers and accompanists, buy and sell used gear, and more

The release of eJamming AUDiiO is without a doubt the most rewarding result of our long mission to break down music-making barriers,” said Gail Kantor, co-founder and CEO, eJamming. “Now, musicians and singers can create more music more easily because with eJamming AUDiiO it’s so easy to get together. Our whole team has worked hard to achieve this goal, and we’re thrilled to bring it to the world.

About eJamming
eJamming, Inc.—named DEMOgod at the prestigious DEMO 07 conference— is pioneering software technologies that bring together musicians and music-lovers in new ways. Its flagship product—eJamming AUDiiO, is the first and only software application and online service that enables musicians to find, network and play music with one another in real time and in sync over the Internet, facilitating music education, social networking and collaboration. eJamming AUDiiO was selected as a finalist for technical achievement by the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Web Awards. More information can be found at www.ejamming.com.