Electro-Harmonix Mel9

Get realistic Mellotron sounds from any guitar
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Among the emulation pedals that Electro-Harmonix has created to provide authentic keyboards timbres to guitarists, the Mel9 is the shining star: It absolutely nails the unique timbres of the Mellotron when you play idiomatic parts in the proper register on your axe. The Mel9’s nine presets include the recognizable tones of the flute, cello, brass, choirs, and orchestra as heard on recordings by The Beatles, Moody Blues, and Led Zeppelin, among many, many others.

The Mel9 does not trigger samples, nor is there any need for a special interface or pickups. Rather, it does the job through digital signal processing, and it tracks your playing remarkably well. The Attack and Sustain controls give you the ability to tweak the pedal’s response to increase the realism of each instrument. And independent wet and dry controls let you balance the level of your instrument right from the pedal. If you’re a guitarist looking to spice up your rig with the sound of a Mellotron, here’s your chance!