Electronic Musician’s 2016 NAMM Show Editors’ Picks, Day 2

All the best controllers, synthesizers and pro audio gear from day 2.
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Day 2 of the NAMM show is always fun, because you can tell the people who are obviously hungover, obviously not, and then everyone else who is either doing a good job faking it or just always acts like that. You can do a bit of the same with the gear you see. By the time you’re getting a handle on show, you can tell what’s going to be really big, what isn’t and everything else that may be really hyped but not take off, or will quietly become a success without a lot of fanfare.

On our day 2 pick list, we leave out the duds, but we’ve got a little of everything else. From sure-thing controllers to boutique modules, here are 10 more reasons why 2016 should be a good year.

We’ll have Editor’s Picks for every day of the show, as well as our full continuing coverage at Emusician.com and our comprehensive NAMM 2016 report in the April 2016 issue of ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN.

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