Elektron Releases Reshaped Harmonics Sound Pack

Sound Pack for Analog Rytm
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Elektron releases Reshaped Harmonics Sound pack for Analog Rytm

Swedish hardware instrument makers Elektron has just released the Reshaped Harmonics Sound Pack for the analog, sample supported, drum machine Analog Rytm.
Imagine a new movement: relentless crypt clubbing. Twisted voices howling in the distance, metallic bass lines ripping through the air, a general sense of doom. Sound designer Nicholas Lem would then forever be known as the founding father of the movement. The Reshaped Harmonics Sound pack would be regarded as its origin. The rest would be history.

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Nicholas Lem

About Elektron

Elektron creates innovative, user friendly and magic sound sources. Their product lines are widely acclaimed for their stellar sound and unique sequencer capabilities. The company was established in 1998 and consists of a head office located in Gothenburg, Sweden and subsidiaries located in Tokyo, Japan and Los Angeles, USA.

About Analog Rytm

Analog Rytm is an 8 voice analog drum machine with sample support. The analog circuits and the sample engine are ingeniously handled by clever software. Drum pads and an Elektron sequencer provide maximized playability.