Elton John airs his thoughts on the today's music biz

LONDON - "Rocket Man" Elton John rued on Wednesday the thrust for instant success among undistinguished and indistinguishable modern pre-fabricated pop

LONDON - "Rocket Man" Elton John rued on Wednesday the thrust forinstant success among undistinguished and indistinguishable modernpre-fabricated pop bands.

"It is like packets of cereal. There are too many of them, and toomany of them are just average and mediocre," he told BBC television inan interview filmed during his current tour in the United States.

"It is just fodder. It doesn't sound. It has no distinguishingmarks. A lot of it you can't tell one from the other. There is too muchof it, just too much of it," the high-spending flamboyant rock legendlamented.

The 54-year-old singer and composer, born Reginald Kenneth Dwightwho was knighted in 1998, harked back to the old days when he burstonto the music scene in league with songwriter Bernie Taupin more than30 years ago.

"I would ban every single video being made -- by a new band anyway.I would just get them on the road...playing second on the bill topeople. That is how I started out," he said.

John, who petulantly announced he was quitting the music scene lastyear but is still going strong, regretted the emphasis put on immediateprofits by the record companies.

"Nowadays, they think more about their quarterly earnings and thereis no longevity. There is no thinking 'we want this artist to be aroundin seven to 12 years time'," he said.

"It is kind of heartbreaking because you see most of the emphasisplaced on instant success.

"It is kind of disgusting really. It is about time some of theseyoung acts were nurtured and given the time. There certainly is thetalent out there. There is as much talent out there now as there waswhen I was getting going," he added.

The tubby soccer fanatic said he had enjoyed his three decades atthe top and remained young at heart, but that realistically his careerwas now in its sunset phase.

"In a way it is a relief. It is like 'it is over Elton. You have had31 years where you had a record in the America top 40 every year'. Thatcan't realistically happen any more," he added.