Elvis Costello 'Tunes' to the new Stephen Marsh Mastering

Stephen Marsh has opened a new mastering boutique at the historic Radio Recorders complex in Hollywood, California. Joining Marsh at the facility is Stephanie Villa, his longtime assistant and a mastering engineer in her own right.
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First week sessions at the studio included Cesar Rosas and Los Lobos mastering a new live album titled One Time, One Night and an iTunes Originals Digital album for Elvis Costello that earned Marsh's new studio EC's stamp of approval. Look for a new season of iTunes Originals digital albums under the exclusive section of the iTunes store all summer long!

Jay Ruston, busy mixing The Polyphonic Spree, called to master a new single edit for the Spree titled 'Running Away', as well as a pair of tracks for The Donnas, their killer cover of 'Safety Dance' for Volkswagen and a slamming taste of their upcoming album titled Don’t Wait Up For Me. Check out the new track at www.myspace.com/thedonnas.

The new mastering room centers on a custom analog mastering console built in conjunction with Steve Firlotte of Inward Connections and features processing from Inward, EAR, GML, Maselec, Weiss and Waves. Other features of the room include modified Apogee conversion, Sound Blade and Pro Tools Hardware feeding Bryston powered PMC mains.