EM News August 2003

Product Update - September 2, 2003 New products, software updates, and more. . . Cakewalk announced that it has acquired plug-in technology from Ultrafunk

Product Update - September 2,2003
New products, software updates, and more. . .

Cakewalkannounced that it has acquired plug-in technology from Ultrafunk AS, anindependent developer of DirectX and VST audio plug-ins for Windows. Asa result of this acquisition, Cakewalk gains exclusive publishing anddistribution rights to all Ultrafunk technologies, including theSonitus:fx plug-in pack. Support and future updates for registeredUltrafunk users will be handled directly through Cakewalk. In addition,registered Ultrafunk users will now become registered Cakewalkcustomers, eligible for future offers on Cakewalk products andupgrades.

GlyphTechnologies announced the GT Series of hot-swappableFireWire-based storage devices. The 7200 rpm drives are available in80, 120, and 180 GB sizes.

HandGeekSoftware released Studio Calendar+ 2.0, a shareware program formanaging recording studios. The program features a session schedulerwith fields for client, producer, engineer, and second engineer; aswell as note-taking and client-invoicing features.

Jasmine MusicTechnology and NTONYX announced Onyx2.0 (Win), a MIDI sequencer and arranger. Onyx 2.0 creates musicalobjects from MIDI files or recorded fragments. The companies say thatOnyx Musical Object Morphing (MOM) technology is able to impose thestyle of one song onto another. Changeable parameters include harmony,melody, style, rhythm, and meter.

Steinbergis now shipping Studio Case, a suite of five VST instruments and CubaseSE. The package contains over 700 MB of sounds; is upward compatiblewith Cubase SL, SX, and Nuendo; and works on Mac OS X and Windows2000/XP. The instruments include Virtual Guitarist EE SE, Groove AgentSE, HALion SE, D'cota SE, and The Grand SE piano library.

Product Update - August 26,2003
New products, software updates, and more. . .

BIAS announcedthat Peak 4 is now available. The upgrade is multi-threaded andmulti-processor optimized and includes a new graphical user interface.Other features include CD burning, Audio Units support, documentdrawers for easy marker and playback navigation, a resizable toolbar,and a Magic Pencil tool for instant spike repair. New effects includeImpulseVerb, a sample-based reverb that includes over 230 MB ofhigh-quality room samples, and Sqweez, a professional masteringcompressor and limiter. Recent purchasers of Peak 3 may be eligible fora free upgrade. Learn more about Peak 4 by clickinghere.

Cycling '74released a Windows XP version of its Max and MSP graphical programmingenvironments. Max/MSP hosts ReWire devices and VST plug-ins andsupports all major audio file formats. Support for developing VSTplug-ins on Windows will be available shortly. Customers who purchaseMax and MSP after July 1, 2003 will receive the crossgrade product forfree.

Emagic timed therelease of Logic Platinum 6.2 to coincide with the release of the newApple Power Mac G5. The update is available as a free download from theEmagic Web site and is a requirement for running Logic Platinum on aG5. The new version includes a number of advancements, and users aretold to expect a dramatic increase in performance.

SonicNetwork released Amps & Pickups 2 -- Classic Guitars and Basses(Giga/Soundfont). The instruments in this sample collection include theRickenbacker 330 6-string guitar, the Fender Telecaster, theRickenbacker 4003 bass, and the Fender Precision. A variety of playingtechniques are included, such as up and down picks, up and down strums,multi-velocity tones, mutes, hammer-ons, and plucked tones. The chordscovered are major, minor, dom7, sus4, 7Sus4, and add9.

Before you buy anything for your studio, visit the online version ofElectronic Musician's Personal Studio Buyers Guide. You'll find a wealthof charts comparing the latest products feature-for-feature incategories such as Computer-Based DAWs, Digital Audio Converters,Keyboard Synths, MIDI Interfaces, and Reference Monitors.

Product Update- August 19, 2003
New products, software updates, and more...

Boss announcedthat it is shipping the BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio, which offers 8primary recording tracks, 64 virtual tracks, and COSM effects. Thedevice can load and convert WAV and AIFF files directly from a Mac orPC. Connections include a 1/4-inch instrument input, XLR and 1/4-inchmic inputs, a stereo RCA line input and output, a headphone output,S/PDIF digital output, and a USB port. The BR-864 runs on batteries orAC power.

DigitalAudio Wave announced the Sonica Mini Studio, a PC specificallydesigned for use in music studios that includes a customized BIOS andan optimized version of Windows XP. The Mini Studio features an Intel800 MHz processor with Hyper Threading Technology, four USB 2.0 ports,a headphone jack, two FireWire IEEE-1394 ports, S/PDIF digital I/O, anda video output. The computer is housed in a relatively smallbrushed-aluminum case that is designed to keep the processor cool andkeep computer noise to a minimum.

EastWestannounced that Utility 2.0 is available for users of the Quantum Leap Voices of the Apocalypse library,which includes "every vowel and consonant sound, sampled at multipledynamics and programmed in a way that allows you to create realisticwords, sung in any language." Utility 2.0 lets you add or edit words inany layer, and includes a dictionary with over 100,000 words.

Eventide isoffering a $100 rebate to MassivePack buyers who upgrade to theClockworks Legacy plug-in package by September 15, 2003. To view therules, get the rebate form, or download the seven-day demo of theClockworks Legacy plug-ins, click here.

Mackie Designsintroduced the Mackie Control Universal, which combines thefunctionality of Emagic Logic Control and Mackie's HUI protocol intoone universal controller. The DAW programs currently supporting theMackie Control include Digidesign Pro Tools; Cakewalk Sonar; MagixSamplitude and Sequoia; MOTU Digital Performer; RML Labs Saw Studio;Steinberg Cubase SX and SL and Nuendo; Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro; andAPB Tools TH-S software.

Pro-Rec announced three new sound sets for KorgTriton-series instruments (Triton LE, Triton Rack, Triton ProX, andTriton Studio). Each set -- Ultra Pads, Synth SFX, and Resonance &Phase -- comes with 128 Programs and 64 Combinations. The sounds areavailable on disk or by e-mail.

Rolandannounced it is shipping the RS-50 synthesizer, which includes a newset of waveforms sampled at 44.1 kHz and a D-Beam controller. The RS-50has a pair of 1/4-inch outputs, a stereo headphone jack, hold- andcontrol-pedal jacks, and MIDI I/O.

Before you buy anything for your studio, visit the online version ofElectronic Musician's Personal Studio Buyers Guide. You'll find a wealthof charts comparing the latest products feature-for-feature incategories such as Computer-Based DAWs, Digital Audio Converters,Keyboard Synths, MIDI Interfaces, and Reference Monitors.

Product Update - August 12,2003
New products, software updates, and more. . .

Edirol announceda number of software updates for its products, including OS X supportfor the SD-80 sound-module editor; a new installer for the UA-20,UA-700, and PCR keyboards for Mac OS 9; version 3.23 of the VirtualSound Canvas for Windows, which is optimized for Intel Hyper-ThreadingTechnology; and downloadable control maps for the UR-80 for AbletonLive 2, Cakewalk Sonar 2, Digidesign Pro Tools LE, MOTU DigitalPerformer 3, Emagic Logic Platinum 5 and 6, Propellerhead Reason,Steinberg Cubase VST and SX, and a hardware emulation of the RolandMCR-8.

From August 1 to September 30, IK Multimedia is offering special sound bundlesfrom AMG and Sonic Reality that are compatible with SampleTank 1 and 2.The bundles include Sonik Tank L, Sonik Tank XL, SonicSynth, and AMG Everything Bundle.

Image-Lineintroduced another new version of FL Studio, this time 4.1.2, which includes thevirtual electric-guitar plug-in, FL Slayer. The company says that theplug-in offers 3 pickup models, 4 amp models, 4 cabinet models, and 16effects.

The PAN Network announced Nabster, which is based on its DIF antipiracytechnology and handles all types of digital-media files (audio, video,images, rich text, and even self-extracting EXE files). PAN says thatNabster is easily installed on any Web site and provides an alternativesystem for transmitting and delivering digital-media files that do notrequire the use of any third party software or licenses. PAN adds thatNabster can also be used "to detect HTTP pirates who can enter a sitedisguised as innocent Web-crawling spiders or robots, and which thensteal all the content from a server in seconds without ever beingnoticed."

Signal ArtsTechnologies announced its Performance Sequencer, a hardwarestep-sequencer for MIDI instruments or analog synths. The unit includesreal-time performance features and MIDI-to-CV capabilities, withvolts/octave or volts/hertz output scaling.

SupercatPress announced the revised version of its book "A Musician's Guideto Pro Tools" by John Keane. The new version covers the softwarechanges that occur in Pro Tools version 6, as well as aspects ofearlier versions.

The ViennaSymphonic Library announced that it is shipping the Pro Edition ofits orchestral sample collection. The library contains over 240 GB ofdata -- more than 360,000 samples. While you're at the company's Website, click on the Instruments link to see a photo and description ofeach orchestral instrument covered in the collection.

WindWorksDesign has introduced FET Booster, a compact, lightweight preampthat offers 14 dB of mid-bass boost and 8.5 dB in the highestfrequencies. The device is powered by a 9V battery and is designed foruse with guitars, basses, and synthesizers.

Before you buy anything for your studio, visit the online version ofElectronic Musician's Personal Studio Buyers Guide. You'll find a wealthof charts comparing the latest products feature-for-feature incategories such as Computer-Based DAWs, Digital Audio Converters,Keyboard Synths, MIDI Interfaces, and Reference Monitors.

Product Update - August 5,2003
New products, software updates, and more. . .

Apogee isnow shipping the Rosetta 800, an 8-channel A/D/A converter with 24-bit,96 kHz capabilities. A 192 kHz sampling-rate option and FireWireinterface card are also available. The Rosetta 800 includes such Apogeeconveniences as Soft Limit and UV22HR for dithering 24-bit words to 16bits.

AppliedAcoustics Systems announced the Lounge Lizard EP-2 plug-in forWindows, as well as Mac OS X in the Digidesign RTAS format for ProTools 6. New features include an additional electric-piano-pick upmodel, the ability to sync effects to host tempo, more efficient use ofyour computer's CPU, and support for MIDI Program Changes. EM's reviewof the Lounge Lizard EP-1 can be read by clicking here.

AudioSoftware.org is offering a number ofinexpensive audio software tools, including a program for extractingaudio from CD and converting it between a dozen format types.

Big FishAudio has released Dirt Keeps the Funk, a 2-CD sample collection inWAV, REX, and audio formats. The collection, inspired by the work ofFunkadelic and Parliament, includes construction kits, drum loops,vintage keys, and bass- and rhythm-guitar parts.

Camel Audiois offering CamelPhat VST for Mac OS X. The multi-effects plug-in worksin any VST Mach-O host. Versions for Mac OS 9 and Windows are alsoavailable. The OS X version is a free upgrade for registered users.

Carvin hasreleased the H400 Headphone Amplifier, which gives you four independentstereo or mono headphone mixes from three separate stereo or monosources. Rear-panel connections are on XLR and 1/4-inch balanced jacks,and each channel has a master level control. A front-panel Aux inputallows you to send an additional audio signal to one of the headphonechannels.

db-audioware is now shipping its quantum-fxcollection of plug-ins bundled as The Classic Pack (VST/DirectX). Thecollection includes effects such as chorus, delay, distortion, flanger,reverb, and bass-and guitar-amp simulations.

dbx ProfessionalProducts has introduced the DriveRack Studio Monitor Managementsystem, which includes graphic and parametric EQs, a compressor, alimiter, crossovers, monitor alignment delay, and output muting. Thedevice includes a built-in real-time analyzer, which will automaticallycompensate for the frequency-response curve of your room.

Kid Nepro hasupdated its downloadable AIFF/WAV file collection with 50 new files.The titles include DX7 Keyboards/Basses/Drums, Alto & SopranoSaxes, Prophet VS Synths/Pads/Basses, Mini Moog Leads/Basses, andProducers Drums.

M-Audio isshipping its Transit USB, a high-resolution, portable USB audiointerface with 24-bit, 96 kHz resolution. The device offers 1/8-inchanalog I/O and optical digital I/O. Transit USB comes with drivers forWindows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, and Mac OS 9 and OS X.

Wave Artsannounced Digidesign RTAS support in Mac OS 9 and OS X for itsMasterVerb, TrackPlug, and WaveSurround plug-ins. Demo versions of theplug-ins are available here. The company says it plans to support theDigidesign TDM format soon.