EM News December 2003

EM News for December 2003 Product Update - December 30 New products, software updates, and more... Big Fish Audio has released Blister Pak, a collection

EM News for December2003

Product Update - December30
New products, software updates, and more...

Big FishAudio has released Blister Pak, a collection of over 4,000electronic drum hits in both WAV and audio formats. It includes over600 kicks, 500 snares, 350 percussion hits and much more.

Casio will introduceits new Privia line of keyboards to the U.S. market at the upcomingNAMM show in mid-January. The Privias are lightweight, inexpensiveweighted-hammer action digital pianos. The first model released, the88-key PX100, weighs under 28 lbs. and will carry an MSRP of$699.99.

Celemony Softwarehas announced Melodyne 2.1, a new version of its pitch-shifting andtime-stretching audio application. Version 2.1 has been optimized forMac OS 10.3 (Panther) and the Mac G5, and also introduces support forthe DXi interface under Windows XP. DXi support means that users ofCakewalk Sonar can now use Melodyne, as well.

NativeInstruments has released version 1.02 of its soft-sampler Kompakt,which makes the software compatible with Mac OS X. The update is freeto registered users, and supported formats are AudioUnits, RTAS, andVST.

Safe SoundAudio is introducing the P1 Audio Processor. Distributed in NorthAmerica by FrontEnd Audio, the P1 is a single-rackspace unit that functions as amic preamp, instrument DI, compressor/limiter/expander, andmixer/headphone amplifier.

TerraTecProducer is now shipping its SINE series of rackmount line mixers.The mixers come in 8-(4 stereo pairs) and 16-input (8 stereo pairs)models, both with and without a stereo effects loop.

Trillium Lane Labshas released Everyphase 1.1, a free update of the phase shifter plug-infor Pro Tools (TDM and RTAS) that it introduced at the AES show thispast October. Some of the features include a new Resonance control, anexpanded Depth control, and 120 presets. The software is now compatiblewith Pro Tools HD Accel as well as Mac OS 10.3 (Panther). The companyis now also shipping HD Accel/10.3-compatible versions of its TL Metro(v1.3), TL InTune (v1.3), and TL Fauxlder (v1.2) software.

Voxengo hasannounced the release of its Warmifier VST for the PC (Windows 98 orlater). According to the company, this software plug-in emulates thewarming effect of tube gear on audio, and can be applied to both fullmixes and individual instruments.

Product Update - December23
New products, software updates, and more...

 America Online has announced Winamp 5.0 and Winamp Pro media players.

BIAS is offering special upgrade pricing for PeakLE users to the professional edition of Peak 4. The offer expiresDecember 31, 2003.

Cakewalk has launched a Web site for the Project5 enthusiast. Project5.com offersfree tutorials and tips, as well as downloadable drum kits, samplerbanks, synth presets, and groove patterns. In addition, Cakewalk hopesthat users will use this forum to exchange their own project files,synth patches, and patterns.

Laurent Colson's freeware program MusicMath 2.21 is now Mac OS X-compatible. MusicMath is useful for figuring out a variety of musical values: convertingsemitones to time-stretching values; converting a delay's tempo tomilliseconds or frequencies (in Hz), when calculating LFOs rates; andfor converting a sample's duration to tempo (or vice versa).

GrooveCubehas released Exciton 2.0 (Mac/Win) softsynth, which adds a number ofoscillator sync and modulation features, additional filter types, andimprovements to the LFO. A free demo version is available.

Good Karma for the Holidays! Karma Lab is running an end-of-the-year promotionon its software and sound sets for the Korg Karma and Triton seriesinstruments, through December 31, 2003. The targeted collectionsinclude Chemistry Volume 1 Grooves & Inspiration, Chemistry Volume2 Sonic Viagra!, and Reincarnation Volume 1 Inner Groove. Downloadabledemo versions are available.

Kenton has released the MidiStream, a wireless MIDIsystem. It is awaiting FCC approval n the U.S., so it's currentlyavailable in Europe only. However, the manufacturer hopes to make itavailable Stateside in January, 2004.

TCElectronic has announced that Native Bundle 3.1 (Mac/Win) is nowavailable. The update includes the Sonic Destructor plug-in, and thebundle is available at a reduced price.

SoundToys isnow shipping PhaseMistress (Mac), an analog-modeled phaser that offerstempo-locked modulation and a programmable LFO. The plug-in isavailable in HTDM, RTAS, and AudioSuite versions.

Spectrasonics has released updates to its Trilogy,Stylus, and Atmosphere plug-ins. The updates add enhanced compatibilityfor the Apple Mac G5 and OS X 10.3 (Panther). The plug-ins areavailable for registered owners as a free download from theSpectrasonics website.

Product Update - December16
New products, software updates, and more...

Broadjam has released the Mac OS X version of Metajam, anapplication that musicians can use to build a Web site, createpro-quality press kits, organize online songs and photos, and postconcert lists. Minimum requirements are a Mac G3, 64 MB RAM, and a CDdrive.

Fat-Ass has releasedGide (Win), a VSTi (with filter and chorus effects) that can be used toemulate plucked string instruments.

Native Instruments has announced Mac OS X and RTAS versions of itsPro-53 softsynth.Pro-53 supports Audio Units, RTAS, and VST formats, and it can be usedin standalone mode with CoreMIDI and CoreAudio.

NuEdge Development is offering Sonic Charge µTonic (aka MicroTonic) (Win), aninexpensive VST 2.0-compatible, 8-channel percussion synth. Themanufacturer says that the instrument's sound is "100 percent syntheticand rendered in real-time. No samples or pre-rendered waveforms areused."

Sennheiser has announced a new pair of high-endheadphones, the HD 650.

Shin'en Audio has released the SHN-1 (Win) aninexpensive VSTi featuring a pair of multimode filters and effects.

SoundConverter (Mac) is a freeware/shareware OS Xapplication for converting sound files between an astounding variety ofsound file formats (including ringtone formats).

SPL hasreleased the GainStation 8, an 8-channel, Class A pre-amp that combinesa solid-state stage with 63 dB of gain and a tube stage with 26 dB ofgain. The manufacturer says it has a dynamic range of 130 dB and afrequency range of 1 Hz to 310 kHz (± 3 dB). Each channel offerspeak and FET limiters, a choice of three impedances, 48V phantom power,phase reverse, and a highpass filter at 50 Hz.

Product Update - December9
New products, software updates, and more...

Cycling '74has announced the Cycles series of sound libraries. The first release,Sustained Encounters, is by sound designer Ron MacLeod, known for hiswork on the Rarefaction series Poke in the Ear. Sustained Encounterswill include audio files; 24 bit, 48 kHz WAV files; and surround-soundsamples. The release is due in January 2004.

Fat-ass has releasedthe BCG Monosynth (Win), an inexpensive single-oscillator VSTi with a2-stage filter and semi-fixed envelopes. The effects include stereochorus, stereo delay, and distortion.

Lexicon Proannounced that it is shipping the Omega Studio, an 8x4x2 USB I/O andmixer bundled with ProTracks Plus, Bias Deck SE, and theLexiconPantheon reverb plug-in.

M-Audio hasannounced that it is shipping the Studiophile SBX subwoofer, which isdesigned to integrate with the BX5 active biamplified referencemonitors. The SBX has a frequency response of 30 to 180 Hz, a 120Wpower amplifier, and an 8-inch low-frequency driver.

Mackie andUniversal Audiohave released beta-version 3.3 software for the Mackie UAD-1 DSPPowered Plug-Ins card. The public-beta release adds Mac OS X supportand is available as a free download for registered Mackie UAD-1 owners.The final version is scheduled for release on December 18, 2003.

McDSP (Mac) isshipping Chrome Tone, a classic-effects plug-in for Pro Tools TDM.Chrome Tone offers chorus, flange, distortion, compression, gating, EQ,wah, tremolo, spring reverb, and tape-delay effects. In other news,McDSP's products are compatible with Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) and ProTools HD Accel cards, and new features have been added to FilterBank,Synthesizer One, and Analog Channel.

PreSonus hasannounced the Central Station, a passive studio-monitoring interfacewith three sets of monitor outputs, three sets of stereo analog inputs,and two digital inputs on S/PDIF and Toslink connectors with 24-bit,192 kHz D/A converters.

Wave Arts hasannounced version 4 of the Power Couple (Mac/Win) bundle, whichincludes Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) compatibility, a cross-platform presetmanager, and undo and buffer features. A special upgrade price isavailable to registered owners of Power Couple 3, and a 30-day demo isavailable online.

The Ztar D3X is the top-of-the-line MIDI guitar controller from Starr Labs andincludes every hardware and software option available. The instrumentoffers 12 programmable pads, six string triggers, six key triggers, apalm-mounted joystick, and a ribbon controller, as well as sustain,volume, and breath-control ports. The software includes a loopingsequencer and multiple fingerboard zoning and splitting features. Thesame feature set is available in the V3X, which has a Strat-stylebody.

Product Update - December2
New products, software updates, and more...

BitHeadz isshipping the 3.2.2 versions of Unity Session, Unity Synth Expander 1,Unity DS-1, and Unity AS-1. Bitheadz Osmosis has also been updated forMac OS X and is a free update for current Unity Session owners.

Broadjam isoffering free memberships and Web pages to members of the now-defunctMP3.com Web site. Musicians can sign up at broadjam.com/signup/mp3.

Camel Audiohas introduced Cameleon 5000 (Mac/Win), a VST/AU plug-in the companydescribes as an additive morphing resynthesizer. The plug-in comes withmore than 500 presets.

Cycling '74has released Radial 1.1 (Mac). The update takes advantage of OS X'sCoreAudio and CoreMIDI functionality, allowing you to use multipleaudio/MIDI interfaces with very low latency. Other enhancements includea new file-grouping system and improved sync capabilities. Version 1.1is available as a free upgrade to all registered Radial users.

Digidesignis offering three packages that bundle Focusrite productswith the Bluebird mic from Blue Microphones. The Focusrite products includethe VoiceMaster Pro channel strip (with 24-bit, 96 kHz A/D card), theTwinTrak Pro, and the TrakMaster.

In celebration of Bob Moog's 50 years as a musical-instrumentdesigner, MoogMusic will offer a calendar for 2004, The 4-color calendar includesphotos of vintage and contemporary Moog products.

NUSofting has released Astrobelt Mother Shipversion 1.2 (Win), a 2-oscillator VST synthesizer with a resonant2-pole filter. The synth replaces the company's Fat Machine VSTi, andregistered Fat Machine users can upgrade to Astrobelt Mother Ship at areduced rate.

PropellerheadSoftware has announced ReCycle 2.1. The update, which includesReason Adapted and Reload, is free for registered users of ReCycle2.0.

Sonic Implants has announced "I'd Like to Buy aVowel . . . Adventures in Talk Box Guitar." The sample collection isavailable in GigaSampler and SoundFont formats.

SoundHack hasannounced SoundHack Spectral Shapers (Mac/Win), a collection of fourVST/AU filter plug-ins based on Tom Erbe's popular SoundHack program.Each plug-in, which can be automated using MIDI controller messages,works as a group of 513 coordinated filters.

VirSyn has released TERA 2.0 (Mac/Win), which nowsupports ReWire 2 and RTAS and is available as a standalone synth forOS X. Registered users with the CD-based versions 1.1 or 1.2, as wellas owners of both Cube and TERA, can download the upgrade for free.