EM News July 2003

EM News for July 2003 Product Update - July 29, 2003 New products, software updates, and more. . . Audio-Technica has introduced the ATH-M20 headphones.

EM News for July 2003

Product Update - July 29, 2003
New products, software updates, and more. . .

Audio-Technica has introduced the ATH-M20headphones. The ATH-M20 has a closed-back design, a gold-plated stereo1/8-inch connector (with strain relief and snap-on 1/4-inch adapter),and a frequency response of 30 Hz to 20 kHz.

Big FishAudio has announced Big Rockin' Beats 2 (Audio), a three-CDcollection of rock drum tracks from the producers of the LA Riot samplecollection. Each track includes the parts needed to build songs: intro,verse, chorus, breakdown, and chorus out. The tempo range is from 85 to180 bpm.

BitHeadzannounced version 3.2 of Unity Session, Unity Synth Expander, UnityDS-1, and Unity AS-1. The new versions fix minor bugs, improve UnityPlayer functionality, improve Unity Librarian functionality, addmodulator and modulation routing support for audio and MIDI effectparameters, and add support for Mac OS X Core Audio. The update is freeto all current 3.x users and will be available for download from thecompany's Web site. Click here to read EM's review of BitHeadz Unity Session3.0.4.

FL Studio(Win) version 4.12 is now available for download. The EM master classon Image-Line Software's FruityLoops can be found by clicking here.

IKMultimedia has introduced SampleTank 2 (Mac/Win), which has threesynthesis engines (including a new one called Stretch) and additionalsounds and effects. The plug-in can import WAV, AIFF, SDII, Akai, andSample Cell files. The two versions -- SampleTank XL and SampleTank L-- differ in the number of sounds that are included, and a couple ofupgrade paths are offered for previous SampleTank users. EM's review ofthe original version of SampleTank can be viewed here.

Karma Lab released Reincarnation Vol. 1 - InnerGroove, a collection of grooves and textures in 64 interactiveCombis for Korg Karma- and Triton-series workstations. The collectionmakes use of Karma's algorithmic music-generation technology forreal-time control. The Triton version requires Karma Tritonsoftware.

Kenton hasannounced that it is developing three new products. The first is awireless MIDI product that will allow performers to transmit MIDI tothe rest of their gear during a performance. The company plans todevelop a Bluetooth version (2.4 GHz) and a less expensive, lower-rateversion (869.75 MHz). The LD2 MIDI level display can be used to showMIDI Volume level (numerically from 0 to 127 and on a 20-segment bargraph) as well as data values sent by any controller on any MIDIchannel. The XC5 has two inputs for switch pedals, two inputs forvariable pedals, a breath controller input, and includes a MIDI-mergeinput.

PreSonus isoffering a special package that bundles its TubePre single-channel micpreamp with a Studio Projects B1 large-diaphragm cardioidcondenser microphone. The $179 special also includes $100-worth ofaccessories including a PreSonus gig bag, an XLR cable, and amicrophone shockmount.

Sound Quest isnow shipping its universal editor-librarians Midi Quest 9.0 (Win) andMidi Quest XL (Win). The programs have a user-friendly graphical editorand support 600 instruments from 60 manufacturers.

TLAudio is offering the Ivory 5000 Valve Condenser Microphone andPreamp package, which includes a multipattern, large-diaphragm mic anda matched power supply and preamp. The mic offers nine patterns, alow-cut filter, and a 10 dB pad. A digital-output option is availablefor the preamp.

Product Update - July 22, 2003
New products, software updates, and more. . .

Akai Professionalhas set up its new direct distribution facilities and headquarters inthe L.A. area to improve customer service and product support for AkaiProfessional products. The company's new Web site is at www.akaipro.com.

BitshiftAudio is offering Phatmatik Pro version 1.1. The new featuresinclude support for Mac OS X Audio Units, an improved loop browser, theability to make slices in metric divisions, and a per-slice one-shotmode.

Broadjamannounced MetaJam, a desktop software application that enables bandsand artists to organize their songs, photos, gigs, and events, as wellas build a Web site, create press kits, and easily batch-upload musicto the Internet.

Cakewalkannounced the 2004 editions of Home Studio and Home Studio XL. HomeStudio 2004 offers 24-bit, 96 kHz capabilities; ASIO, ReWire 2.0, andDXi 2.0 support; and the ability to use multiple hardware audiochannels simultaneously. Home Studio 2004 XL bundles a host of plug-insand loop libraries with the product.

Korg unveiled theMicroKontrol, a USB-compatible MIDI controller with a 37-note,Velocity-sensitive mini keyboard; 8 sliders; 8 rotary encoders; 16Velocity-sensitive pads; and an assignable 4-way joystick.

M-Audio hasannounced the Luna, a large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphonethat has a 1.1-inch diaphragm and Class A FET electronics.

MOTU announcedDigital Performer 4.1 (Mac OS X), a free update for version 4.0 users.Version 4.1 supports the Digidesign Audio Engine (DAE) and Audio Unitsplug-ins and virtual instruments. The update also adds virtualinstrument tracks, document templates, commands for Shift to Marker andSnap to Marker, and an input/output display in the Mixing Board. Theupdater will be posted online on August 8, 2003, at this URL: http://www.motu.com/english/download/index.html.

Roger LinnDesign has released the successor to its AdrenaLinn guitar effectsprocessor. AdrenaLinn II offers improved amp modeling and effects,additional amp models, a simplified user interface, longer delay times,and the ability to sync to the internal drum machine.

RolandCorporation and Cakewalk announced a strategic alliance in whichthe companies will codevelop new desktop music products. Cakewalkproducts will be exclusively distributed by Roland and its subsidiary,Edirol, in select countries outside North America, and Roland is makinga minority investment in Cakewalk.

Fans of analog synth gear and MIDI controllers should surf on overto the Web site of Sonic Highway. Formerly known as Enport, SonicHighway distributes products by Access, Doepfer, and Jomox, amongothers.

Product Update - July 14, 2003
New products, software updates, and more...

AmbrosiaSoftware offers WireTap (Mac OS X 10.2), a freeware app that allowsyou to record any audio playing on your Mac (such as Internet radio andaudio from games) and save it for further processing.

Apogee isnow shipping the Mini-DAC, which offers 192 kHz recordingcapabilities and includes AES, and optical and coaxial S/PDIFdigital-audio connections. The unit supports Mac OS 9, OS X Core Audio,and Windows XP.

Big FishAudio has released L.A. Drum Sessions, a three-CD set of live drumloops presented as 24-bit Acidized WAV files. There are three versionsof each performance: dry, room-mic only, and a version that mixes thetwo. More than 80 styles are covered and over 6,000 loops areincluded.

Cool BreezeSystems is shipping Cool School Interactus Vol. 8 -- Pro Tools 6.This CD-ROM includes over four hours of tutorials on Digidesign ProTools 6, as well as coverage of the new features in version 6.1, Mac OSX setups and configurations, DigiBase, Beat Detective, DigiGroovetemplates, SoundReplacer, and new MIDI options. A streaming demotutorial is available here.

Digidesignis offering MassivePack 2.0 and MassivePack Pro 2.0 plug-in bundles(Mac/Win) through August 15, 2003. The MassivePack 2.0 bundles containslightly different contents than their predecessors -- specifically,the Waves Renaissance plug-ins are being replaced with Line 6 EchoFarm.

Digigram isoffering four updated sound cards that operate at the 3.3V standard: the PCX822v2, the PCX442, the LCM440v2,and the VX822. The updated cards will replace the following cards,which will be discontinued as of September 1, 2003: the PCX822np, thePCX440np, the LCM440, and the VX820.

GMediaMusic, in partnership with Code Audio, has announced BeatBurnerVSTi (Win), a loop instrument that includes a sample library, filters,envelope modulation, pattern morphing, and effects.

If you're looking for news and information about VST, DX, and AudioUnits (AU) plug-ins, steer your browser toward the K-V-R Web site. Hereyou'll find updates, tutorials, patches, forums, and much more.

The PMI AudioGroup is shipping the Toft Audio ATC-2 Dual ChannelCompressor/EQ/Mic Pre. Designed by Trident Audio founder Malcom Toft,the ATC-2 features switchable mic/line inputs, a direct instrumentinput, independent +48V phantom power and phase reversal for eachchannel, a 4-band EQ, and a 50 Hz lowpass filter.

Verbatimannounced that it will begin shipping its DataLifePlus 4x DVD+RW mediain August. The 4.7 GB blank media is certified to write and rewrite at1x to 4x speeds. The manufacturer suggests that at 4x speed, users canrecord 120 minutes of video or 4.7 GB of data in approximately 15minutes. The DataLifePlus 4x DVD+RW media is compatible with the SonyDRU-510A 4X DVD+RW drive as well as announced drives from BenQ,Philips, and Ricoh.

Product Update - July 7,2003
New products, software updates, and more. ..

Ableton announcedLive 2.1, for Mac OS 9 and OS X and Windows. Under OS X, Live 2.1 usesReWire to connect to Digidesign Pro Tools, MOTU Digital Performer,Steinberg Cubase and Nuendo, and Emagic Logic. In addition, Live 2.1will read samples in the Sound Designer II format on the Mac. Thesoftware is available now for public beta testing from www.ableton.com andis scheduled for release as a free download for registered Live 2 usersby the end of July.

Carillon has announced it is offering aWindows-based Pro Tools HD turnkey system that is qualified byDigidesign. The AC-1/HD features genuine Intel motherboards andprocessors (Pentium 4) and is capable of up to 128 tracks of audio andfull Pro Tools functionality. Buyers have a number of options for CPUspeed, amount of RAM, and drive sizes.

Digidesignis shipping DV Toolkit for Pro Tools LE. DV Toolkit is an optionalsoftware bundle that adds desktop post-production functionality to ProTools LE systems, beginning with version 6.1. The toolkit lets you editaudio with frame accuracy and offers support for AAF and OMF mediafiles with applications such as Avid Xpress DV.

GRM ToolsClassic RTAS and ST are now available for Pro Tools HD and LE on OS X.The updated packages offer support for HTDM and AudioSuite and 192 kHzsampling-rate support in the Classic LE bundle. Upgrades are alsoavailable for registered users.

Image LineSoftware has released FL Studio XXL, which comes with FL Studio Producerversion 4.1.2 and all of its plug-ins at a 40 percent price reduction.The plug-ins include SimSynth, Wasp, DX-10, DrumSynth Live, BeatSlicer,DreamStation, and Soundfont Player.

M-Audioannounced that it is shipping the Ozone, which combines a keyboard, USBMIDI and audio interface, control surface, and mic preamp.

StudioElectronics has expanded its product line with the introduction ofthe C2s 1176-type Stereo Compressor Limiter, a 1U device featuringClass A circuit design, transformer-coupled balanced inputs andoutputs, Neve 1272-type line driver output, dual mono/stereolinkability, and TRS and XLR connectors with gold contacts. In relatednews, WaveDistribution announced that it has an exclusive internationaldistribution arrangement with Studio Electronics for its line of signalprocessors and effects pedals.

TerraTec ispreparing to ship Phase 28, a 24-bit, 192 kHz multi-I/O interface. ThePhase 28 offers two audio inputs, eight audio outputs, MIDI I/O, anddigital I/O (S/PDIF, AC3, and DTS). The device can be used for 7.1surround applications and is compatible with ASIO 2.0, GSIF, MME, WDM,Mac OS 9 and OS X, and Windows XP.

Yamaha continuesits push of mLAN with the 01X,an audio/MIDI interface and controller that sends all the data over asingle FireWire cable. In addition to the company's own site, the folksbehind Keyfax and Motifator.com have created 01xRay.com, a sitededicated to the O1X.

Product Update - July 1, 2003
New products, software updates, and more. . .

Eventide isnow shipping the Reverb 2016 by Princeton Digital. The unit featuresdedicated controls and menu-free operation in a single-rack-spacechassis. The Reverb 2016 recreates the original reverb algorithms ofthe Eventide SP2016—Stereo Room, Room Reverb, and High DensityPlate—as well as new enhanced versions of each algorithm designedto take advantage of additional processing power, yielding higherreflection density.

MAGIX announcedits new MAGIX MP3 Maker Diamond 2004 software for the PC (Windows98/2000/ME/XP). Priced at $29.99, the program copies and burns CDs; andencodes, decodes, edits, enhances, plays, records, and organizes musicfiles. It also allows users to add effects, create playlists, recordand play Internet radio, add graphics, and print CD labels forpersonalizing their own "Best of" CD collections.

PG Music is offering three newvolumes in its MasterClass music instruction software series: TheGuitar MasterClass Volume 2 - Advanced/Intermediate, The GuitarMasterClass Volume 3 – Intermediate, and The Blues PianoMasterClass Volume 1. All are priced at $29. These multimedia softwaretitles (for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP) allow you to study the lessons,hear the music, see the instruments being played, review videos of theinstruments and finger positions, practice, and play along with a topmusician.

Primesoundshas released a new sample CD called Flum; Trips andTranceformations. The CD contains two sound categories: Beats andFlum. The Beats are hi-fidelity technoid drum loops featuring lots oflow end. The Flum section consists of pulsating, vibrating backgroundrhythms. The CDs are in REX, WAV, and audio formats.

SherlockAudio is shipping its SpeakerMate line of multi-speaker-to-ampinterface units. SpeakerMate’s circuit design allows theconnection and operation of multiple speaker cabinets from any amp,while still maintaining a safe operating load. Several models areavailable: Models Four ($89), Six ($99), and Eight ($119) allow for theconnection of four, six, and eight additional cabinets, respectively.Sherlock Audio products are designed and hand built in Canada.

Steinbergrecently announced “The Steinberg Summer Switch Program,”which offers special cross-grade discounts for customers currentlyusing competitive products who would like to switch to Nuendo 2.0,Cubase SX, or HALion 2.0. Users of Pro Tools TDM, Logic Platinum,Digital Performer, Paris, and Fairlight can switch to Nuendo 2.0 for$799. Pro Tools LE, Logic Silver/Gold/Platinum, BigBox, Performer, andSonar/Sonar XL users can switch to Cubase SX for $399. Users ofEXS24(mkII), EXSP24, Gigastudio, Unity DS-1, Sampletank L/XL, MachFive,Kontakt, and Kompakt can switch to HALion 2.0 for $199. Additionally,Steinberg is rewarding its registered Cubase SX by allowing them toupgrade to Nuendo 2.0 for $599.

The MusicBusiness Registry has announced the new edition of The MusicPublisher Registry, which features comprehensive listings of musicpublishers in LA, NY, Nashville, London, Atlanta, Vancouver andToronto. It offers listings of all creative department personnelincluding names, titles, style of music focused on, phone and faxnumbers, e-mail addresses, and names of assistants.

Waves LTD.announced that it’s adding Audio Unit support to its Mac OSX-compatible Native Product Line. Support for Audio Units will addadditional functionality to Waves plug-ins running in digital audioapplications under OS X. Waves will begin shipping its AudioUnits-format plug-ins in summer 2003, including the Platinum NativeBundle (pricing to be announced ).