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Product Update - November 25 New products, software updates, and more. . . The Digital Music Doctor has released a new CD-ROM, Sonar 3 -- Know It All!
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Product Update - November25
New products, software updates, and more. . .

The Digital Music Doctor has released a new CD-ROM, Sonar 3 --Know It All! The tutorial, based on Cakewalk Sonar 3 ProducerEdition, contains nearly two hours of videos as well as sample projectsthat cover all aspects of audio and MIDI work.

ElementalAudio Systems has announced version 2.0 of its Firium (Mac/Win)linear phase equalizer. The update adds RTAS compatibility, and itsavailable in VST and Audio Unit formats as well.

From FX-MAX.com comes FX Freeze (Win), which is designed to alleviateCPU, RAM, and polyphony shortages when working with VST plug-ins.Features include a Freeze option to free-up CPU resources; anUltrafreeze option to free CPU and RAM resources, and selectivefreezing of MIDI channels.

In addition, FX-MAX.com has announced Giga VST Adapter, a toolfor running GigaSampler (GigaStudio 2.54 and 3) as a VST instrument inany VST-compatible host. Giga VST Adapter features 64 MIDI channels, 64audio outputs, VST 2.0 compatibility, and MIDI Layering.

Roland MC-909 users take note: the MC-909 Editor (Mac/Win)is available as a free download at mc-909.com/downloads.html.

The Hungarian company Shirokuma has published Notre Dame de BudapestPipe Organ Samples (GigaStudio 2 and 3), a sample collection featuringsymphonic organs from two Hungarian cathedrals. One of the instrumentsresides in the country's most famous church, located in Budapest, theNotre Dame de Buda (The Church of the Blessed Virgin or commonly knownas Matthias-Church), which features a 99-stop Rieger-Kloss organ. Theother organ is from the Notre Dame de Kispest (Church of Our Lady,Kispest), which features a 38-stop Varga organ. For more information,visit orgona.org.

TCElectronic is offering a bundle that includes PowerCore PCI and theSony Oxford Inflator plug-in.

Product Update - November18
New products, software updates, and more. . .

Apogee hasannounced that it is shipping the Mini-MP, a 2-channel mic preamp thatdoesn't include an A/D converter. The unit offers a high-impedanceinput, a highpass filter, and mid-side capabilities.

Digidesignis offering owners of SampleCell and Soft SampleCell a discount on thepurchase of IK Multimedia's SampleTank 2 XL.

Electronic Musician has introduced Music Education Technology, a quarterly publicationcovering music-technology issues relevant to music educators and theirstudents. Music Education Technology provides teacher-friendlyinformation on software, Web sites, and the latest products that helpeducators prepare for concerts and competitions, track bandinstruments, and more.

If you're interested in unusual computer-keyboard controllers, checkout Fingerworks. The TouchStream keyboard and iGestureproducts are worth a look, and the site has a number of demos.

Izotope has released Ozone 3 (Win), a 64-bit processing plug-in thatincludes tube modeling, linear-phase EQ, and a maximizer, among otherenhancements.

The MadPlayer has been described as a cross between aGame Boy, an MP3 player, a sampler, a GM synth, and Band-in-a-Box.

The Vienna Symphonic Library has introduced the HorizonSeries, which offers smaller, more focused sample collections. Thecollections include Overdrive, which was created with distortedseven-string guitars; Glass & Stones, featuring rare instrumentssuch as the glass harmonica; and Mallets, which offers tuned percussioninstruments such as the marimba, xylophone, and celesta.

Product Update - November11
New products, software updates, and more. . .

Access Musichas released the OS 6.5 free update for its Virus C, KC, Indigo2, andrack XL synthesizers. The update features a new lowpass, analog-stylefilter offering 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-pole operation. In addition, 60 newsounds have been added to take advantage of the new filter.

BerkleeCollege of Music has launched Berklee Shares,a new program that provides free music lessons and encourages musiciansto share and distribute these music lessons online. The lessons aremade up of MP3s, QuickTime movies, and PDF files derived from thecollege's curriculum. The Berklee College of Music also announced a newonline class for Fall 2003, entitled "The Future of Music and the MusicBusiness," taught by Dave Kusek, Berklee College of Music AssociateVice President.

Cycling '74has announced an update to its Cyclops (Mac OS X) video-input analysissystem for Max/MSP. The program now supports Mac OS X and is compatiblewith Jitter.

Fat-Ass WTF (Win) isa strange little donationware VST plug-in described as a "soundmangler" by its creator.

KeyToSound has announced its first product, theNetSynth Pilot, a digital synth offering 128 oscillators, 64 filters,and 96 kHz stereo I/O. The NetSynth Pilot system is a 2U deviceoperated from a small touch screen console.

Dash hasannounced Glitch One (Win), a free VST instrument/effects plug-indescribed by the manufacturer as a "mangling box" and "ring modulatoron steroids." The plug-in includes two oscillators, two LFOs, a stereodelay, and two envelope followers.

While we're on the subject of Dash, check out DashOS, a freemusic-related operating system that includes audio recording andplayback, virtual synths, a sampler, and various effects. Although theoperating system is free, the samples and presets must bepurchased.

MacShareware.net has added discussion forums to its site.

NativeInstruments has released Battery 1.3, which supports Mac OS X (making itavailable for Audio Units, RTAS, VST, and standalone operation withCoreMIDI and CoreAudio). In addition, Native Instruments has releasedKontakt 1.5 (Mac OS X). The new features include Beat Machine, TimeMachine II, and VST automation.

Product Update - November 4
New products, software updates, and more. . .
ActionTuners has released the String Master Robotic Guitar Tuner. Placethe device over each tuning peg on your guitar and pluck the string.The manufacturer says the Robotic Guitar Tuner will turn the peg andtune the string to the exact pitch you specify.

Big FishAudio has introduced the Hybridizer (audio/WAV/Acid), a 4-CD set ofsounds for enthusiasts of electronica. Two of the discs offer audioelements, and two have Acidized rhythmic material. The tempo range isfrom 65-148 bpm.

Carvin hasintroduced the FX2, a 24-bit, dual-engine stereo effects processor. Theeffects include reverb, echo, chorus, and flanging. The unit has abuilt-in power supply, a link switch for the two channels, and stereoI/O.

DashSignature has announced that it is taking orders for its EVE (Electronic Vintage Ensemble; Win) VSTi. Theinstrument offers three wave players, three LFO modes, and effects,among other features.

Motif users take note: Kid Nepro Productions has released its first set ofsounds for the Yamaha Motif Series and S90 instruments. The company's"Vol #1 - Studio/Session Mix" comes with 128 programs, including newkeyboard, string, guitar, bass, lead, brass, and wind sounds. Theprogramming includes the use of real-time controllers, such asAftertouch and mod wheel.

ProSoundsdistributes sounds for software synthesizers (including VST, DX, and AUinstruments) online. The company's new Web site also offers freepatches and presets.

Roland hasintroduced the MP-60 Digital Piano, featuring an 88-note "progressivehammer-action keyboard." The instrument includes stereo-sampled pianosounds as well as samples of other instruments including harpsichord,strings, and acoustic bass. Besides spatial effects, the MP-60 alsoincludes a built-in 2-track Song Recorder.

Yamaha hasannounced three VST plug-ins (Mac/Win). Pitch Fix offers formant-basedpitch correction and pitch shifting; Final Master includes a multi-bandcompressor/limiter with adjustable frequency control; and Vocal Rackoffers presets designed for vocal processing and inlcudes a highpassfilter, compressor, three-band EQ, de-esser, gate, and delay.

Weed offersan interesting twist to the file-sharing game. The service not onlyhelps artists get paid for downloads, but it gives a portion of thesale to further "distributors" of the song. Each song can be listenedto three times after a download. After that, the downloader must payfor the song to hear it again. For more details, visit www.weedshare.com.