EM News October 2003

Product Update - October 28 New products, software updates, and more. . . If you're eager to read about the new products manufacturers have in store for

Product Update - October28
New products, software updates, and more. . .

If you're eager to read about the new products manufacturers have instore for you next year, check out the 2003 Audio Engineering Society(AES) show report by EM Senior Editor Mike Levine.

Most Mac users know by now that Apple has released OS X 10.3, codenamed Panther. However, a couple of audio manufacturersare fine tuning their products in order to take advantage of whatPanther has to offer to audio professionals.

Edirol released new "Panther-ready" drivers for its current OS Xcompatible products. For a complete list of its updated drivers, go toedirol.com/support/drivers.html.

MOTU is offering updated, Panther-compatible drivers for all of itsFireWire and PCI audio interfaces. In addition, the company has postedan updater for Digital Performer version 4.11 (available free of chargeto all registered DP4 users). Check the MOTU Web site for more details as well as thedownloads.

Two manufacturers have announcements about Mac G5 compatibility withtheir products:
RME has announced that its interface cards are fully compatible withApple G5 computers. For information on the compatibility of older RMEcards, visit the RMEWeb site.

M-Audio offers information on the G5 compatibility of its PCI-basedproducts at its Website.

Other new-product announcements:
EastWest hasannounced that it is shipping its PMI Bosendorfer 290 plug-in, featuring 24-bitpristine piano samples. Other announcements from the company includethe Studio India collection (Audio/WAV/Acid), Total Dance Refill, andPlanet of the Breaks Refill.

E-mu Systems hasunveiled its X-Lead V2 Expansion ROM for the Proteus line of soundmodules, Command Stations, and keyboards. The X-Lead V2 ROM deliversall of the sounds and presets of the Xtreme Lead-1 Sound Module, plusan additional bank of 127 presets originally available in the XL-7Command Station and XK-6 Keyboard. The company also announced that itis reducing the price of its entire line of Expansion ROMs.

HerculesTechnologies has announced Hercules 16/12 FW (Mac/Win), a 24-bit,96 KHz FireWire interface. The device offers 16 audio inputs, 12 audiooutputs, two MIDI input ports, and two MIDI output ports. The interfacecomes bundled with special editions of Arturia Storm and AbletonLive.

KRK is shippingits ST Series passive monitors, the ST6 (with a 6-inch woofer) and ST 8(with an 8-inch woofer). Both models feature a 1-inch silk tweeter andMDF cabinet.

Product Update - October22
New products, software updates, and more. . .

The Apogee Mini-MP is a 2-channel mic preamp thatoffers 75 dB of gain and, remarkably, doesn't include a digitalconverter. The preamp includes an M/S-record mode, DI instrumentinputs, a phase switch, and an 80 Hz highpass filter with a roll-off of18 dB per octave.

GuitarCenter has announced that, beginning in November 2003, it will bean authorized reseller of Apple's entire line of products, includingEmagic digital audio-production tools. According to Guitar Center,customers will be able to order an Apple computer configured to their individualrequirements and tested prior to delivery.

Lexicon Prohas announced Omega Studio, a USB audio/MIDI interface with eightinputs, including two mic inputs with preamps and S/PDIF digital I/O.The package includes ProTracks Plus 32-track recording software andLexicon's Pantheon reverb plug-in.

Octiv has justreleased Volume Logic, the first audio plug-in available for Apple'siTunes player. The plug-in runs on Mac OS X and provides real-timedigital remastering. Volume Logic is available through a public betaprogram that runs until December 31, 2003. Free downloads are availableat octiv.com/index.asp?content=iTunes.

PeaveyElectronics has launched its redesigned Web site.

PolyFractus has released DR-Verb 1.3b, a reverb VST plug-in for MacOS X. DR-Verb offers a number of user controls, including EQ, and canbe downloaded at macmusic.org/softs/share.php/lang/EN/id/1231

The PrimeSFX Library, created by post-production specialists Sound Controlfor PrimeSounds, features bread-and-butter soundeffects ranging from "cars and kittens to ricochets and rainstorms."The library, available on eleven discs, is divided into thesecategories: Ambience Outdoors; Ambience Indoors; Cars & Car FX;Transportation/Vehicles; Rain/Thunder/Water/Wind;Weapons/Explosions/Violence; Human/Animals/Sports;Machines/Tools/House; Doors/Phones/Bells; and Special FX/Beeps/MusicFX.

Smart Loopshas released Phat to Phreaky. The collection contains more than 800ACID-compatible loops featuring hip-hop and old school grooves, as wellas slow jams, from a number of producers and musicians, including JoeyP., James "DJ Melo" Davies of Underground Productions, and Dale"Rambro" Ramsey. As a bonus, registered users of Phat to Phreaky willbe given online access to additional loop variations.

SonicImplants is shipping Atsia - West African Dancing Drums (Giga,Kontakt, Soundfont), a 400 MB sample library that includes Africanpercussion instruments used by the Ewe Tribe of Ghana. The collectionoffers stereo samples with a natural ambience, multisampled with up tofour velocity samples for each type of hit. Looped grooves ofindividual instruments, in both 4/4 and 6/8 time, are included.

Studio Network Solutions has announced SANmp(Mac/Win), which allows workstations with different operating systemsto concurrently access information from a storage area network. Themanufacturer says that SANmp is easy to implement and maintain becauseit does not require a server or ethernet connection.

Product Update - October 14
New products, software updates, and more. . .

Ableton hasreleased Live 3 (Mac/Win), which allows you to draw volume, pitch, pan,and effects envelopes onto a sample. This ability alone is worth theupgrade, but there are a host of other new features as well, includingeffects (Resonators, Compressor II, EQ Three) and MIDI Key Mapping andVelocity sensitivity.

Acon DigitalMedia has released Acoustica 3.0 (Win), which features a rewrittennon-destructive audio-editing engine. Version 3.0 offers unlimited undoand redo levels, the ability to create audio CDs or import audio tracksfrom CDs, support for 24-and 32-bit wordlengths and 192 kHz samplingrate, and DirectX support. The program can also read and writeOgg-Vorbis, Windows Media Audio (WMA), and MP3 formats. A 30-day demois available online.

Broadjam isshipping Metajam (Win), which can be used to organize songs, photos,and event info online, as well as build a Web site, create a press kit,and batch upload music to the Internet. A Mac OS version is in theworks.

ConcreteFX has announced Dicer (Win), a VSTbeat-slicer plug-in which can load Rex 1 and 16 and 24-bit WAV files.Dicer has an automatic beat detector and a built-in step sequencer. Ademo version is available at concretefx.com/Dicer.htm.

MOTU hasintroduced MX4 (Mac/Win), a synth plug-in available in MAS, RTAS, andAudio Units formats. MX4 offers several forms of synthesis, includingsubtractive, wavetable, frequency modulation (FM), and amplitudemodulation (AM). The plug-in has, among other features, threeoscillators, two resonant multimode filters (6, 12, 18, and 24 dB peroctave), and four LFOs. In other MOTU news, the company announced thatDigital Performer 4.1 supports the Digidesign Pro Tools HD Accel card,and it unveiled the 896HD, a FireWire audio interface which replacesthe 896 and adds 192 kHz capabilities, 8-bus monitor mixing, andstand-alone operation.

SonicNetwork announced that the full version of the Sonic ImplantsSymphonic Strings Collection is now shipping in Logic Audio's EXS24format.

SRS Labs has announced SRS Circle Surround VST Pro,a plug-in featuring an encoder and decoder for delivering andmonitoring surround mixes. The encoder plug-in accepts 7-channel input,supports sampling rates up to 96 kHz, and offers full bandwidthplayback of three distinct rear channels. The decoder plug-in supports2-channel input and 7-channel output.

Trillium LaneLabs (Mac/Win) has announced TL EveryPhase, a TDM/RTAS effectsplug-in offering analog-style phaser effects with 18 stages and LFOsync and trigger options.

Product Update - October 7
New products, software updates, and more. . .

AppliedAcoustics Systems has released an Audio Units version of itsTassman 3 and Lounge Lizard EP-2 products. To read EM's archived reviewof Tassman, visit emusician.com.

AppliedResearch and Technology (ART) has introduced the Twin CompressionSystem (TCS), a two-channel device featuring two kinds of compressors:an opto-isolator compressor and a VCA compressor. The TCS offers presetconfigurations as well as manual control over attack, release, andother settings.

BombFactory has announced that version 3.25 of its BF Essentials is nowavailable for download. The free update offers full compatibility withPro Tools 6 on Windows XP, adds HTDM support on Windows XP and Mac OSX, and provides preliminary support for Digidesign HD Accel hardware.Bomb Factory has also announced the Plutonium Pack, which includes 15plug-ins. The bundle is available in High Definition and Valueeditions,

Copperhand is offering Codex, a collection of 127synth voices for the Yamaha Motif-family of instruments. Codex includesleads, basses, pads, and arpeggios.

M-Audio has announced that it is shipping three newEvolution keyboard controllers: the MK-461C, MK-449C, and the MK-425C.Each keyboard ships with a software bundle featuring a dedicatedlibrarian program; Sound Studio II, a MIDI and audio sequencer with VSTplug-in support; Music Teacher, a tutorial program; MusicPlanet, anarray of samples; and demos of VST plug-ins and instruments.

NHTPro planstwo introduce to new monitors. The M-20 is a mid- and near-field mixingmonitor featuring a wide baffle across the tweeter and a narrow bafflesurrounding the woofer. The company says the unorthodox shape of thecabinet improves resolution and imaging. The M-80 studio trackingmonitor is designed to have high output and a detailed, transparentsound.

PowerFX hasannounced several interesting new products. ProScore is a sound librarydesigned for use with Apple's Final Cut Pro 4 and Soundtrack; DVComposer's Toolkit is a musical-composition library offering urban andcinematic themes; and Massive FX is designed for use in film, video,and documentary projects.

Roland isoffering an operating-system update for its V-Synth synthesizer.OS version 1.50 includes a new sub-oscillator for analog-modeledoscillators, waveforms taken from the D-50 synthesizer, a PatchCategory search function, and a COSM filter model of the TB-303 BassLine. Visit emusician.com to read any of the archived Roland reviews.

TerraSondehas introduced the Studio Toolbox, a version of its Audio Toolbox,designed for use in recording studios. Studio Toolbox offers 36 audiofunctions, such as the Clic Trak+ Generator, the Virtual Pitch Pipe,and a 1/3 octave, 30-band real-time analyzer.

UniqueRecording Software is offering a pair of Classic Console EQplug-ins (Mac OS X and OS 9) for Digidesign Pro Tools. The URS A seriesis a vintage-API emulation that offers seven switchable filterfrequencies spanning 5 octaves. The URS N series is a vintage-Neveemulation, which the company says is more broad banded and musical. Theplug-ins are available in TDM and RTAS formats for HD Accel, HD, andMix systems.

Waves hasannounced the Waves Diamond bundle, which assembles 35 processors bycombining the Waves Platinum, Restoration, and Transform bundles intoone package. Waves also announced that its Transform Bundle nowsupports all standard plug-in formats: TDM, AudioSuite, RTAS, VST, MAS,Audio Units, and DirectX. (Full support for Soundshifter is still onlyavailable in the AudioSuite format.) In addition, Waves announcedsupport for the Digidesign HD|Accel card. Visit emusician.com to readany of the archived Waves reviews.