EM News September 2003

EM News for September 2003 Product Update - September 30, 2003 New products, software updates, and more. . . CableTek Electronics has announced that it

EM News for September 2003

Product Update - September 30,2003
New products, software updates, and more. . .

CableTek Electronics has announced that it is carrying the Gefell M300stereo microphone package. The boxed set includes a matched pair ofM300 small-diaphragm condenser microphones, two mic clips, and acombination ORTF and XY stereo bar. For more information about theM300, read Brian Knave's small-diaphragm mic roundup by clicking here.

G-Media hasannounced three new products. The M-Tron Tape Banks Volume 3 is a collection of newsounds for its Mellotron VSTi. The collection includes a recreation ofMike Pinder's Halfspeed Mightytron, and new instruments includingchoirs, bassoon, strings, flute, violin, and synthesized brass andtrumpet. The impOSCar is Gmedia's much-anticipated recreation ofthe vintage British analog synth, the OSCar. Although the companyannounced the product months ago, the latest press release has giventhe plug-in a release date of November 5, 2003. Gmedia has alsoannounced that it is releasing a bundle of five Ohm Force plug-insunder the name Ohm Force Experience (Mac OS 9 and OS X/Win). Theplug-ins, which allow you to do preset morphing, are available in theVST 2.0, DirectX, MAS, and Audio Unit formats.

Kid NeproProductions has released Super Mix, a sound collection designed forthe Korg Karma. The company translated 128 programs from its Tritoncollection into the Karma format using Karma Labs MW software, and thenadded Karma-specific controllers and generated effects (GEs). Theresulting 64 combis include classic synths, as well as techno,orchestral, hip hop, and R&B styles.

M-Audio hasannounced the Solaris microphone, a multipattern large-diaphragmcondenser mic with a -10 dB pad and bass roll-off filter.

SibeliusSoftware has released Sibelius 3.0, a significant upgrade thatincludes 170 new features, over 30 additional plug-ins, and KontaktPlayer Silver, which lets users play samples, burn compositions to CD,and create audio files for posting on the Internet. Kontakt PlayerSilver contains 20 instrumental sounds, including brass, woodwind,strings, percussion, voices, and a Bösendorfer piano.

VoyagerSound has introduced a VST plug-in version of its Panorama51product. Panorama VST provides an icon-based control interface thatlets users see their tracks in real time, in both stereo and surroundsound. The VST version incorporates a new GUI with virtual 3Dsoundscapes.

Product Update - September 23,2003
New products, software updates, and more. . .

Akaihas released the MPC1000 portable music-production center, a smallerversion of its influential MPC60. The MPC1000 features 16 Velocity- andPressure-sensitive pads, intuitive transport and locate controls, aNote Repeat function, and Q-Link sliders, which give you real-timecontrol over tuning, filter cutoff, layer switching, attack, anddecay.

Digidesignhas announced Pro Tools LE 6.1.1, a free update featuring a newlow-level driver architecture that the company says provides an openhardware platform for users of third-party software products. Theupdate provides Core Audio driver support for Digi 002 and Digi 002Rack; new stand-alone installers for Core Audio, ASIO, and WAV driversthat can be used without having to install Pro Tools; and the abilityto export Windows Media 9 files on Windows XP-based systems.

The Electronic MusicFoundation and Ina-GRM have made the GRM Tools (Mac OS X/Windows XP) Classic and ST bundles available in the VST plug-informat.

Lexicon Prohas announced the Pantheon reverb for Cakewalk Sonar 3. Pantheon offers6 reverb types (hall, chamber, plate, room, ambience, and custom) with16 editable parameters and 35 factory presets. The plug-in is beingoffered as a standard feature of the Sonar 3 Producer Edition, whilePantheon LE is included in Sonar 3 Studio Edition.

PatchmanMusic has announced the Turbo VL upgrade EPROM chip for the YamahaVL70-m Virtual Acoustic Tone Generator. The chip contains 256physically modeled Voices specially designed to be used with a windcontroller or breath controller. Check out the audio demos by clickinghere.

PVDJ, a divisionof Peavey Electronics Corporation, has introduced the Rotomixprofessional modular mixer, designed for DJs and electronicmusicians.

SmartSound Software has released five new CDs forits Movie Maestro soundtrack-creation software. Each CD has between 10to 12 tracks of music, which Movie Maestro uses to automatically createcustom-fit soundtracks for visual media projects.

Yamaha haslaunched MotifLoyalty, a sales program for U.S. customers who currently own aYamaha Motif synthesizer and are interested in purchasing a new MotifES product. The Motif Loyalty rogram is for customers who are eitherbuying a Motif ES through an authorized Yamaha dealer or buying apre-owned Motif from a person who is selling it in order to buy a MotifES. For more information, visit motifloyalty.com. Online registrantswill receive a certificate for a one-year warranty extension, a freeMotif/Motif ES Survival Kit CD, a choice of Get Motifated! ESDVDs (ES customers only), 25-percent off on a selection of Yamahaaccessories, and automatic entry into the monthly drawings for freeYamaha products.

Product Update - September 16,2003
New products, software updates, and more. . .

Digidesignhas announced a number of new items. The 96i I/O, for Pro Tools|HDsystems using Pro Tools TDM 6.2 software (Mac/Win), is a multi-channel96 kHz audio interface with sixteen TRS 1/4-inch analog inputs and a24-bit S/PDIF digital I/O port. HD Accel is a new PCI card for ProTools|HD systems, which Digidesign says delivers nearly twice the DSPpower of first-generation Pro Tools|HD cards. The company alsoannounced Impact, a console-style mix-bus compressor that is the firstTDM plug-in optimized for the Accel PCI card. Impact supportsmultichannel surround up to 7.1 and sampling rates up to 192 kHz.

EastWesthas released Quantum Leap Hardcore Bass, a collection of over 6,000multisamples of electric bass. The list of articulations includes theuse of fingers and picks, open and muted notes, and scraped sounds. Thelibrary comes with a Native Instruments sample player calledDirect-From-Disk (Mac/Win).

Emagic hasintroduced Space Designer (Mac/Win), a reverb plug-in for Logic 6 (Mac)that uses real-time convolution of impulse responses to recreate asound space. The plug-in ships with over 1,000 impulse responses andincludes a synthesis engine for creating your own.

M-Audio hasannounced the Studiophile LX4 2.1 System and Studiophile LX4 5.1Expander. Together the products create the Studiophile LX4 SurroundSound System. The Studiophile LX4 2.1 System has two satellite monitorsand a subwoofer. The Studiophile LX4 5.1 Expander is a separate packagethat includes three additional LX4 passive satellites, which connect tothe subwoofer of the LX4 2.1 System.

RealTraps isnow offering the MiniTrap acoustic panel, which measure 2-feet by4-feet are only one inch thick. MicroTraps are made with rigidfiberglass and metal, and they have a Class A fire rating.

SonyPictures Digital Networks has announced Sound Forge 7.0 (Win),which offers a number of new features: automated time-based recording,audio threshold-record triggering, VU meters for recording andplayback, enhanced Spectrum Analysis tools; DirectX plug-in effectsautomation, Media Explorer previewing, project-file creation, andwhite, pink, and brown noise generators. Registered users of SoundForge software can upgrade directly from www.sony.com/mediasoftware.

StudioProjects is now shipping the C4, a small-diaphragm condenser microphone withinterchangeable cardioid and omni capsules, a switchable -10 dB pad,and a high pass filter. The mic comes with a cardioid head, an omnihead, a shockmount adapter, a foam windscreen, and a case.

Tascam hasannounced the SX-1LE digital workstation. This all-in-one deviceincludes 16 tracks of 24-bit uncompressed recording, 40-input surroundmixing, 16 phantom-powered mic preamps, touch-sensitive moving faders,a VGA output, a built-in CD-RW drive, and 128-track MIDI sequencing.Tascam also announced that it is shipping its FW-1884 FireWire controlsurface and interface.

Product Update - September 9,2003

Har-BalInternational has announced the Har-Bala (Win), a new mastering EQthat, according to the manufacturer, couples "spectrum analysis withlinear-phase digital filtering." The company adds that "the softwareuses an 8,192-point linear phase FIR filter" that is "designed to matchand compensate for the average spectrum as closely as possible."

Mackie Designshas introduced the Spike Powered Recording System, which includes theXD-2, a 2-channel USB audio/MIDI interface; Tracktion audio recordingand sequencing software; and a copy of Ableton Live Mackie. The XD-2interface has 24-bit, 96 kHz resolution and supports ASIO 2.0, WDM, andMac OS X CoreAudio drivers. Other features include S/PDIF I/O, MIDII/O, stereo monitor outputs, and a headphone jack and level control onthe front panel.

MicroTools and ittyMIDI.com has announced ittyMIDI Player 2.1, anupdated version of the company's software for the Palm OS platform. TheittyMIDI Player lets you play MIDI files and instruments and editchannel volume. muting, tempo, and pitch nondestructively and in realtime. The ittyMIDI Player's Non-GM Mapping, Channel Mapping, andSuppress GM Enable features let you play GM files on non-GM synths.Using the SongLoader (Win) application, ittyMIDI Player users canmanage a library of hundreds of MIDI files on their desktops and ontheir handheld devices.

Organisms VolumeI (WAV), created by Al Weisman, is a new sample library of HammondB-3 organ sounds. The collection includes grooves and chords.

PropellerheadSoftware announced that Reason Adapted, a special edition of theReason sequencer, will be included in Digidesign's Creative Bundle. Thebundle was assembled around applications that implement Propellerhead'sReWire technology. Every new Digidesign Pro Tools system will ship withthe bundle, which includes Reason Adapted, Ableton Live DigidesignEdition, and IK Multimedia's AmpliTube LE, SampleTank SE, and T-RackSEQ.

A sample a day, that's all we ask! Northeastern University (www.music.neu.edu), in conjunction with House ofSamples, has launched a new site called Free Samples, where you can download unusual soundscreated by faculty and staff of the school's Music Technologyprogram.

SonicStop.com has introduced its new line of Multi-Pak multisampleproducts with Studio Drum Kits (Reason Refill 2.x and GigaStudio 2.x).The collection includes four virtual drum kits covering rock, pop,dance, and jazz styles, and using acoustic instruments from Yamaha andGretsch.

Tapco hasintroduced the S-5 Active Studio Monitor. The 120W biamped S-5allocates 60W to the 5.25-inch low-frequency driver and 60W to the1-inch silk-domed high-frequency driver. To help tailor the monitor toyour studio's acoustics, the S-5 includes rear-panel switches forlow-frequency boost and high-frequency cut/boost, as well as aninput-level control. The rear panel includes XLR, balanced 1/4-inch,and unbalanced RCA input jacks.