EM Spotlight April 2003

EM Spotlight April 2003 Each month, we spotlight an assortment of special features, reviews, and artist interviews from the pages of Electronic Musician.

EM Spotlight April 2003

Each month, we spotlight an assortment of special features,reviews, and artist interviews from the pages of ElectronicMusician.



(April 2002)

This feature examines the principles that underlie audio-datacompression in order to help you get the most from the technology. Whenyou know what's under the hood, you're in a better position tounderstand when using audio-data reduction is appropriate, what theimpact will be on fidelity, and how to select the right data-reductionscheme for the application.

Panningfor Gold

(March 2002)

Once you've mastered signal routing, learned gain structure, andbeen studied equalization and compression, you'll face the ultimatechallenge: the final mixdown. That is where all those perfect takesmust combine seamlessly beneath your skilled fingers to createsomething sonically balanced and musically cohesive.


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ProFile: One ForAl (Al Schnier)

(June 2002)

Guitarist-songwriter Al Schnier grew up absorbing an abundance ofmusical influences while learning to play a number of instruments.Since 1991 Schnier has largely plied his trade withmoe, an improvisational rock group and one of thehardest-working bands on the jam-band scene.

ProFile:Soul Distribution (Soulstice)

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(July 2002)

The music of San Francisco's Soulstice is a rich amalgam of styles— including soul, R&B, techno, house, and Brazilian jazz— that evolved from the group's foundation in DJ performance.Soulstice comprises vocalist Gina René, turntablist Mei-Lwun Yee,and keyboardists Andy Caldwell and Gabriel René.


KRK-V4 StudioMonitors

(April 2002)

The V-4 is a two-way, biamplified, active monitor that can be usedin close-field or midfield applications. The monitor is magneticallyshielded, making it especially suitable for small, digital audioworkstation-based studios.

AlesisADAT HD24

(July 2002)

The Alesis ADAT was undoubtedly one of the most influential andsuccessful recording products of all time. Today, though, hard drivesand computer processing are so inexpensive that digital tape makes lesssense as a recording medium. With the ADAT HD24, Alesis joins themovement toward hard-disk recording.