EM Spotlight August 2003

Each month, we spotlight an assortment of special features, reviews, and artist interviews from the pages of Electronic Musician.

EM Spotlight August 2003

Each month, we spotlight an assortment of special features,reviews, and artist interviews from the pages of ElectronicMusician.



(October 1999)

The fact that every professional mixing console comes with anequalizer on each channel speaks volumes about the importance of EQ inthe recording and mixing process. But although every console has EQ,and most studios offer some sophisticated outboard units, not everyengineer knows how to properly equalize a sound.

All theWorld's a Stage

(November 1999)

If an ensemble of African, East Indian, or Brazilian hand drummerswalked on stage, many club sound engineers would have little idea aboutwhich microphones to position where. This article covers miking commonpercussion instruments, as well as many esoteric ones that you mayencounter.


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ProFile:Modular Mayhem (Minus)

(March 2002)


is a fixture in the Pacific Northwest's improvisational music scene.Based in Corvallis, Oregon, Minus comprises MarkFrance on guitar and vocals, Dave Trenkel onbass and keyboards, and Henry Franzoni on drums.France and Trenkel produced the band's second album,Dark Lit, which combines elements of metal, psychedelic rock,jazz, dub, funk, and the avant-garde.

ProFile:The Final Frontier (Chroma Key)

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(November 2001)

Kevin Moore

was the original keyboardist in the progressive-rock bandDream Theater before embarking on a solo career asChroma Key. “I quit the band because I wasn'tgetting off on that kind of music anymore,” he says. “I'dbeen doing another kind of writing that was more mood oriented. Istarted to write in what ended up being Chroma Key style.”


Røde NTVMicrophone

(December 1999)

The new Rode NTV tube condenser microphone ismodeled after a vintage tube-mic design that connects the lead wire tothe edge of the capsule rather than to its center, an approach said toimprove both transient and low-frequency responses. I used the NTV torecord a variety of instruments during a two-month test period and wasquite impressed. Here's the scoop.

PresonusVXP voice processor

(June 2001)

In the race to capture a share of your gear budget, manymanufacturers have recently rolled out flashy, high-powered,channel-strip-style processors oriented toward vocal recording. Thesingle-channel PreSonus VXP breaks the budget mold by offering abountiful selection of high-quality, genuinely useful processingstages, starting with a mic preamp that gives the top contenders a runfor their money.