EM Spotlight July 2003

Each month, we spotlight an assortment of special features, reviews, and artist interviews from the pages of Electronic Musician.

EM Spotlight July 2003

Each month, we spotlight an assortment of special features,reviews, and artist interviews from the pages of ElectronicMusician.


MasterClass: The Splittin' Image

(May 2000)

What are your options if you like a dramatic stereo effect but can'tafford the resources that you need to use stereo samples? Fortunately,there are several ways to create a satisfactory artificial stereo imagefrom a mono sample. But will it really be satisfactory? Yes,sometimes


(July 2000)

In music, as in life, timing is everything, and the technology ofsynchronization has evolved to address the persistent timing issuesthat arise from our increasingly complex desktop music systems. If youhave more than one piece of gear in your studio, you probably need tostart thinking about synchronization.


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ProFile:Hell Is for Chillin' (Ming + FS)

(November 1999)

Based in New York's dense Hell's Kitchen neighborhood, MadhattanStudios is home to Ming + FS (aka AaronAlbano and Fred Sargolini). Aside fromremixing for the likes of Biggy Smalls,Coolio, and Li'l Kim, the two alsorelease albums for other artists on their own Madhattanlabel.

ProFile:Walls and Bridges (Emily Bezar)

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(October 2000)

Emily Bezar

knows synthesis. Her music, which fuses classical and jazz elementswith exotic electronic textures, owes much to her background inclassical vocal technique and studies at Stanford University's famedCenter for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics


Royer LabsR-122

(January 2003)

Don't be surprised if you experience a flash of déjà vuwhen you see the R-122 phantom-powered ribbonmicrophone. Its look and design are inherited from the RoyerR-121, an EM Editors' Choice winner in 2000.

Roland HPD-15 HandSonic

(April 2001)

Although major manufacturers of MIDI equipment have graced musicianswith keyboard, guitar, wind, and drum controllers, there has been anotable shortage of products devoted to hand percussion. Until now.Roland's HPD-15 HandSonic percussion controller andsound module is a self-contained electronic percussion instrument.