EM Spotlight June 2003

Each month, we spotlight an assortment of special features, reviews, and artist interviews from the pages of Electronic Musician

EM Spotlight June 2003

Each month, we spotlight an assortment of special features,reviews, and artist interviews from the pages of ElectronicMusician.


DoubleYour Pleasure

(June 2000)

Whether you record live or in the studio, stereo recording canheighten the realism of your productions. Why is that? Simply put,humans have two ears, so stereo-sound reproduction sounds more naturalto us than mono does. In fact, most stereo-miking setups grew out ofattempts to approximate the positioning and functioning of ourears.

Circle Machines and Sequencers

(December 2000)

When the Raymond Scott revival kicked off nearly adecade ago, the composer's name was commonly confused with noirnovelist Raymond Chandler and actor RandolphScott. Lately a different case of mistaken identity hasemerged. Was Scott a quasi-jazz alchemist from the late '30s Swing Era?Or was he the unsuspecting godfather of the modern genres of techno,electronica, and ambient music?


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ProFile:School Is in Session (Math and Science)

(May 2001)

Math and Science

, aka John Wolf, is a one-man band. His self-titleddebut for Brick Red Records is an album ofradio-friendly alternative pop. Wolf has no formal musical training,aside from drum lessons during the fifth grade; he taught himself toplay guitar, bass, and piano.

ProFile:Leaving a Mark (The Watermarks)

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(April 2000)

For their debut album, Leave a Message, the Bay Area-basedband the Watermarks wanted to spend as little money aspossible, yet still make a high-quality CD. In the end, the trio ofJohn Chapman, Bill Weygand, andJim Schroeder were able to make a full-length CD forjust $400.


RolandVS-2480 digital audio workstation

(March 2002)

Like its predecessors, the Roland VS-2480 packs alot of firepower into a relatively small footprint. Primarily aimed atserious home recordists and VS-series owners looking to update theirgear, it has a lot to offer recording professionals, as well. When youadd the optional CD burner, the VS-2480 is an attractive, full-featuredaudio production tool that fits on a coffee table.

PeaveyKosmos low-frequency and stereo-image enhancer

(April 2002)

The Peavey Kosmos, described as a“low-frequency energy and stereo image enhancement system,”puts both a lower frequency processor and a high frequency processorinto one inexpensive box. The dual-channel, 1U rackmountable Kosmos canbe used in the studio to beef up individual tracks or an entire mix, orlive to enhance the sound of a P.A. system.