EM Spotlight October 2003

Each month, we spotlight an assortment of special features, reviews, and artist interviews from the pages of Electronic Musician. Features Hit Men (January

Each month, we spotlight an assortment of special features,reviews, and artist interviews from the pages of ElectronicMusician.



(January 2002)


canvasses a broad cross section of mixdown engineers and producers— Elliot Scheiner, Tony Brown,Chuck Ainlay, Bob Clearmountain, andAl Eaton — to get their perspectives onproducing hit records in this brave new world.

Chain,Chain, Chain

(February 2002)


's Michael Cooper explains the advantages of usingchannel, subgroup, and master bus inserts; channel and subgroup auxsends; and master outputs for signal processing.


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ProFile:A Hellecaster Takes a Solo (John Jorgensen)

(January 2000)

As one of the "three tenors of guitar" in the band theHellecasters, John Jorgenson spendsmuch of his time recording with his bandmates, JerryDonahue and Will Ray. His schedule is furtherfilled with his stints as a sideman for Elton John'stouring band and as a session musician: he has recorded for BobSeger, Mary Chapin Carpenter, WillieNelson, and a long list of others. But Jorgenson managed tofind the time to write, arrange, record, and produce a solo album inhis home studio.

ProFile:Basement High Jinks (Count Zero)

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(February 2002)

Count Zero

's Robots Anonymous is an offbeat, tongue-in-cheek work inwhich retro pop meets electronica. “I've always been interestedin mixing rhythm-section stuff and electronic stuff,” saysPeter Moore, Count Zero's primary songwriter, who alsorecorded and engineered the album. Robots Anonymouspays tribute to pop luminaries such as Gary Glitter,Peter Frampton, Portishead, andBlur while also referencing AphexTwin and Squarepusher.


BlueBaby Bottle Mic

(June 2002)

Now that the public has accepted and come to love the sometimesbizarre-looking but always great-sounding Blue microphones, the companyhas released the final product in its esteemed line of transducers.The Baby Bottle completes the series of Bluelarge-condenser mics, and as the least expensive of the Blue line, itprovides an apt bookend to the pricey patriarch of the family, therevered Bottle.