EM Spotlight September 2003

EM Spotlight September 2003 Each month, we spotlight an assortment of special features, reviews, and artist interviews from the pages of Electronic Musician.

EM Spotlight September 2003

Each month, we spotlight an assortment of special features,reviews, and artist interviews from the pages of ElectronicMusician.


Kickin' It

(February 1999)

With all the kick mics to choose from, what’s the prospectivebuyer to do? Short of purchasing one of each and taking them into thestudio for a spin, there’s little opportunity to compare them.For that reason we thought it was time that someone did a criticalcomparison of kick-drum mics.

Sound Library Construction

(April 1999)

Armed with the items typically found in a personal studio (DATmachine, DAW, CD burner, sampler), you can create aprofessional-sounding library to meet your needs. All it takes is somevision, planning, inspiration, and a good deal of editing.


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ProFile:Pleasant Exchange (Pleasant Stitch)

(January 2002)

Pleasant Stitch

's music defies precise categorization. Touching on ambient,darkwave pop, and gothic trip-hop styles, it is influenced by theCocteau Twins, Love and Rockets,Kraftwerk, and Art of Noise, amongothers. Their self-titled debut album is an ethereal work laden withsynths, piano, textured guitars, and driving electronic percussion,topped with Hill's expressive vocals.

ProFile:Metal Machine Music (Chas Smith)

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(March 2001)

Welder, machinist, and musician, Chas Smithtransforms his affinity for metal into strange creations with namessuch as "PezEater," "Mantis," and "DADO," alien monikers that suit theotherworldly sounds they emit. Like famed composer and instrumentbuilder Harry Partch, whom Smith readily acknowledgesas an influence, Smith creates unsettling music that is both beautifuland eerie. His new CD, Nikko Wolverine, features his creationsand pedal steel guitar.


MackieDesigns Digital 8-Bus v. 2 digital mixer

(February 2000)

The Mackie Designs Digital 8-Bus (D8B) was probablythe most anticipated release in the digital mixer market since theYamaha 02R. The sheer hype that preceded the D8B's release had manypeople waiting with bated breath. The question is, now that the D8B hasbeen out for a while and people have had a chance to check it out, doesthe D8B measure up to the hype?

TCElectronic M-One and D-Two multi-effects processors

(June 2001)

The M-One dual effects processor offers some of TCElectronic's most coveted algorithms, including enhanced reverbs basedon new research and a good selection of other popular effects. Morethan 20 different algorithms, with 100 factory presets and 100 userlocations, are accessible through the fast, simple, and intuitive userinterface.