EM Web Clips for January 2004

A collection of audio, MIDI, and video files; product-specific custom programs; and other materials that provide practical examples of techniques and products discussed in EM.

Download of the Month-Swar Systems (p. 18)

Looking for web clips from adifferent issue of Electronic Musician magazine? You can find anarchive of web clips from previous issues of EM magazine here.

DOMJan04 WC01.mp3
This MP3 example combines Swar library files for table, sitar,tanpura, pakhawaj, and bansuri

ROLAND V-Synth Review(p. 96)

Click herefor a full listing of DavidBattino's WebClips for the V-Synth review.

ARTURIA Moog Modular1.1 (p. 110 )

Arturia Moog Modular.mp3
A song featuring bass, speech-like, pad, and special-effectspatches on the Moog Modular V

Winter 2003MET

AwesomeUses WE1.pdf
AwesomeUses WE2.pdf
SpotlightDEC03 WE1.sib
SpotlightDEC03 WE2.sib
SpotlightDEC03 WE3a.sib
SpotlightDEC03 WE3b.sib