EM Web Clips for July 2003

Online content not available within the pages of Electronic Musician magazine, for the month of July 2003.

Analogue So Black Coffee
BlackCoffee Mix.mp3

In this track, the Black Coffee was played using the internalMIDI-CV converter. The bass part exhibits the synth's slide feature.The pad and lead sounds use pulse-width modulation from the LFO. Thepercussion part uses frequency modulation on the filter. The track wasrecorded directly into MOTU Digital Performer 3, without effects.

Master Class - Propellerhead Reason

File 1: (MalstromMadness.rns): This patch uses the Malstrom synthesizer toprocess audio input from a Dr. Rex loop.

File 2: (Dual Matrix.rns): In this patch, two Matrix PatternSequencers are used to control parameters of a Subtractor module.

File 3: (Analog Drums.rns): This patch demonstrates the use ofRedrum to trigger multiple Subtractor modules, each loaded with a drumsound.

File 4: (DubDelay 1.rns): The feedback amount on the DDL-1 Delay Unitin this patch is controlled by the Malstrom’s Mod B output.

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