EM Web Clips for July 2004


APPLE GarageBand 1.1 (Mac)

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Web Clip 1
This example contains four tracks: bass, drums, rhythm guitar, and lead guitar. The bass and drum tracks are Apple Loops. For the rhythm guitar, I recorded my Stratocaster through GarageBand's amp-modeling preset, Seventies Rhythm. For the lead, I used the Barroom Lead preset.

Web Clip 2
Other than the bass synth part, every track in this clip is an Apple Loop. Half are MIDI loops, and half are audio loops. I played the Nasty Bass Synth preset using a MIDI keyboard.

Masterclass - Mastering Waves

Web Clip 1
This StuffIt file contains the cross-platform presets discussed in the Waves master-class article.

Web Clip 2
This is the original drum loop used in the New Beats and Log Drum processes.

Web Clip 3
This is the SuperTap processed drum loop adding new beats.

Web Clip 4
This is the Enigma processed drum loop changing a standard drum kit to log drums.

Web Clip 5
This is a variation on the Enigma log-drum processing using the notch filter's 4-notches setting.

Web Clip 6
This is a variation on the Enigma log-drum processing using four notches and reversed phase.

U-HE.COM Zebra 1.5 (Mac)

Web Clip 1
"Raindance" illustrates Zebra’s formant filter with vowel formants and pitch modulated by the step-sequencer MultiStage modules. The tom-tom pattern was also done in Zebra.