EM Web Clips for June 2003

Online content not available within the pages of Electronic Musician magazine, for the month of June 2003.

from "Playing in the Cracks" (p. 88).
Five MP3 examples: Dominant 7th, Major 3rd, Major Triad, Minor 7th, and Perfect 5th

(p. 93)
This ENS file is a Reaktordocument.

from Square One column "Look Who's Talking" (p.94).
Drums1, Drums2, Drums3, Grace, Modulate

ABLETON LIVE 2.0 (Mac/Win)
Example 1 - Warped.mp3: The MP3 example Warpedillustrates Abelton Live’s different time-warping methods withthree different clips. The first pass of each sound is unwarped, andthe second pass uses the Beats method. The third pass uses the Texture,Tone, and Re-Pitch methods respectively.

Example 2 - TenDrums.mp3: The MP3 exampleTenDrum was made in one pass from a one-measure, ten-pad drum loopusing Live’s new tape-style multitrack recording feature.

Evolver Review mp3 Examples
Example 1: Four-part harmony from amonosynth
Example 2: Digital/analog hybrid
Example 3: Alien atmosphere

Here are a few examples of additional Evolver Programs.
Example 1, 2,3, 4,5, 6,7

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