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from "Playing in the Cracks" (p. 88).
Five MP3 examples: Dominant 7th, Major 3rd, Major Triad, Minor 7th, and Perfect 5th

(p. 93)
This ENS file is a Reaktordocument.

from Square One column "Look Who's Talking" (p.94).
Drums1, Drums2, Drums3, Grace, Modulate

ABLETON LIVE 2.0 (Mac/Win)
Example 1 - Warped.mp3: The MP3 example Warpedillustrates Abelton Live’s different time-warping methods withthree different clips. The first pass of each sound is unwarped, andthe second pass uses the Beats method. The third pass uses the Texture,Tone, and Re-Pitch methods respectively.

Example 2 - TenDrums.mp3: The MP3 exampleTenDrum was made in one pass from a one-measure, ten-pad drum loopusing Live’s new tape-style multitrack recording feature.

Evolver Review mp3 Examples
Example 1: Four-part harmony from amonosynth
Example 2: Digital/analog hybrid
Example 3: Alien atmosphere

Here are a few examples of additional Evolver Programs.
Example 1, 2,3, 4,5, 6,7

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