EM Web Clips for June 2004


ANTARES AUDIO TECHNOLOGIES Filter 1.0 (Mac/Win) (p. 92)

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Web Clip 1
Highpass and lowpass filters in series followed by parallel highpass and lowpass filters in parallel produce a notch sweeping through an expanding and contracting frequency band.

Web Clip 2
Two Filter presets are combined to create a percussion loop from a single kick drum hit at the beginning of each bar.

Making the Cut (p. 44)

Web Clip 1
This example is a successful butt edit as the two audio segments line up at zero crossings.

Web Clip 2
This is an example of a bad butt splice.

Web Clip 3
This example uses the attack portion of an M-16, the body of a shotgun, and the tail of a jet fly-by.

Web Clip 4
This example crosses the first 250 milliseconds of a piano sample with the sustain portion of a violin sample of the same pitch.