EM Web Clips for September 2003

Online content not available within the pages of Electronic Musician magazine, for the month of September 2003.

Seven Deadly Synths (p. 40)
Ex. 1: Virus_Demosong
This onboard track demonstrates the distinctive sound of theAccess Virus, though you’ll probably want to delete it to makeroom for additional Programs.
Ex. 2: Neuron Anatomy
The Hartmann Neuron’s more ethereal timbres make the most of itshigh-quality reverb effect.
Ex. 3: Sun Synthesis
The Jomox SunSyn sounds quite good anywhere you might want a realanalog synth.
Ex. 4: Supernova_Demo
The Novation Supernova II Pro-X shows off its stuff in one of threefactory demos.
Ex. 5: V-Synthable
Roland’s first all-DSP instrument, the V-Synth is capable ofsounds that no other synth can produce.
Ex. 6: Tranquility8
The Omega 8, the flagship synth from American manufacturer StudioElectronics, sounds like a true analog synth because it is.
Ex. 7: Waldorf_Zipfelchen
Waldorf’s onboard demo track only hints at the versatility ofthe Q+.

Adobe Audition Masterclass (p. 65)
Use the file honkguitar.mp3 to try out AdobeAudition's powerful Parametric Equalizer tool, following the stepsdescribed in "Master Class: Passing the Audition."

Novation KS4 review ( p. 114).
Read David Battino's extensive additional content, featuringdownloads, mp3s, pictures and more right here.

LinPlug Virtual Instruments VST Modular Synths ( p.126)
CronoVoX.mp3 is an example of aspeech clip that was processed with LinPlug's CronoX 2 sample-basedmodular synth.

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