EM Web Clips for September 2004


Boss BR-1600CD

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Web Clip 1
The author recorded this acoustic drum set onto the BR-1600CD using the unit’s Level Calibration feature, which automatically sets levels for multiple mic inputs.

Web Clip 2
A vocal line with the BR-1600CD’s pitch correction applied.

Web Clip 3
A harmonized vocal line generated by the Harmony Sequence feature of the Vocal Tool Box. Notice the distortion in the harmonized output.

Web Clip 4a
A full track, recorded and mixed on the BR-1600CD.

Web Clip 4b
The same track after it was processed with the Mastering Tool Kit.


Web Clip 1
An ArtWonk scale-mapped random-note-generator patch was used to make this piano piece. Tempo, note duration, and transposition are all controlled in real time.

DB AUDIOWARE Quantum-FX 1.06 (WIN)

Web Clip 1
This file was created in FL Studio 4 using a few stock Fruity drum sounds processed by db audioware quantum-fx. After four bars with no effects, three different effects are added using three instances of quantum-fx.

Download of the Month - Speedster

Web Clip 1
Speedster processed a bass, drum, and guitar clip in one pass to produce independent pitch shifting of the right, center, and middle channels as it reduced the whole mix’s playback speed by increasing amounts.

ELEKTRON Monomachine

Web Clip 1
Monomachine's VO-6 voice synthesizer pronouncing "monomachine".

Cycling '74 Sustained Encounters

Web Clip 1
In the foreground of this piece are two clips from the Other Realms folder (Ghost Station and Emergence). The background uses three loops from the Textural High folder (Cockroach Radio , Hi Sizzleshower Sust, and Neutron Star).

Web Clip 2
This gothic-industrial track uses only three Sustained Encounters tracks: Vfx Com Drone, Lethargadrone, and TransradiaL Glitch 70b. Besides dynamic curves, the only thing I added was a 4-tap delay to the TransradiaL Glitch 70b part.

SONY PICTURE DIGITAL MEDIA Sweet and Low Bass (Acidized WAV)

Web Clip 1
Some of the Sony Sweet and Low Bass loops feature quirky, sometimes intriguing note choices such as the flatted fifth in this loop.

Web Clip 2
Isles of Miles was inspired by three of the processed bass loops. As you can see, the loops exhibit plenty of presence, even as the arrangement takes on density.


Examples from Charlie, Ultimate Sound Bank’s virtual organ module.

Web Clip 1
Serious Full, portrays the Hammond at its most majestic, with all stops out. The sound is enormous and glorious.

Web Clip 2
Baby Jazz is a classic jazz sound in the style of Jimmy Smith; dark and smoky with a prominent percussive bite.

Web Clip 3
Look At Me is a bright organ recorded through a very distorted Matchless Chieftain guitar amp; this patch is useful for hard-rock soloing.

Web Clip 4
Digital Key makes use of the playback engine’s filter and amplitude envelopes to create a pleasing percussive sound reminiscent of Caribbean steel drums.

Cover story: Beat Generation

Web Clip 1
This is an excerpt of a MIDI file that demos the Simon Phillips kit in Best Service Artist Drums.

Web Clip 2
BFD handles the same performance as the StormDrum Web clip, but demonstrates the luxurious length of its cymbals.

Web Clip 3
With Glaresoft iDrum, I was able to drop bass loops, chord hits, and guitar licks into the drum patterns to create a relaxed and moody hip-hop vibe in just a couple of minutes.

Web Clip 4
A Jazzy groove using one of Quantum Leap StormDrum's GM kits.

Web Clip 5
Using a mostly free-form drum style, Paint, provided by Steinberg Groove Agent, and setting the controls for inverted swing and a high humanization setting, I achieved a very realistic performance in the style of the Shaggs.

Web Clip 6
Using Groove Agent's Bonzo style (based on the style of Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham) with a moderate swing setting and Cubase’s meter set to 11/8, I created a lively and dynamic odd-meter groove that swings its butt off .

Web Clip 7
This is an example of a Brush kit in Toontrack DFH Superior.

Web Clip 8
This example uses one of Drums & Percussions's GM kits. Note how nicely the snare's timbre responds to Velocity. I've added a bit of the instruments onboard reverb to add overall ambience.

Web Clip 9
Yellow Tools Culture uses a multitimbral arrangement of African percussion to play this groove. Note the varieties of djembe hits provided.

Steinberg Hypersonic

Web Clip 1
This file shows off an assortment of meat-and-potatoes Hypersonic sounds, including vibraphone, acoustic bass, and fuzz guitar. Both Hypersonic demos were created in Steinberg Cubase SX 2.0.

Web Clip 2
This file presents four of Hypersonic's factory drum grooves. Each of them has been enhanced (or, if you prefer, cluttered up) with a synth bass line of my own devising.