eMasters Contest Winners

Last month, EQ readers signed up to take advantage of the e-Masters’ groundbreaking approach to mastering, vying to win themselves a professionally mastered track for free. A ton of submissions were received from all ends of the country, making the selection process incredibly difficult, but we’ve finally managed to narrow down the winners. So, without further ado, the winners of the EQ/eMasters contest are... *cue drum roll*
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* Christopher Lentine

* Stephanie Holcomb

* Kyle Rabe

* James Stoddard

* Michael Zavoski

* Miroslav Lukovic

* Greg Reeves

* Michelle Simons

* Harry Kopy

* Mark Doyle

If you are one of the lucky winners, you should proceed to www.emasters.co.uk to upload your unmastered track to the site’s library (Note: If you’ve not yet registered, you must do so first before being able to upload tracks to the eMasters library.) The eMasters will then download your track, work their mastering magic on it, and then return it to you. Easy as pie.

Any questions can be directed to: info@emasters.co.uk