Empirical Labs Releases Arousor Rev 2.0 for Mac at Discount Intro Price

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Lake Hiawatha, NJ (Aug 30, 2017) - Empirical Labs (ELI) introduced their much anticipated Arousor Plug-in in 2016. Now the company is proud to announce the Arousor Rev 2.0 release with a host of new features and efficiencies (listed below) including AAX-DSP support for MAC. Available August 30th, 2017 (MSRP $349). Existing Arousor owners will be able to download the new Rev 2.0 release for free. 

Arousor Rev 2.0 features include:
•AAX-DSP for the MAC. Windows version to follow soon.
•Much greater efficiency, especially in Pro Tools AAX. Uses 1/3rd of the CPU usage.
•Increased Bargraph accuracy. Helpful in matching a Distressor sound.
•Preset Sharing Function - Works across all platforms and makes it easy to share, even with emails.
•Graphic and Interface Improvements - New colors and 3D Depth.
•ELI's first "Expert" Button - These hidden Expert panels are going to thrill Arousor users many times over the next few years.
•BLEND section now has an EXPERT Button - panel with a new control to allow perfect matching of levels between Compressed and Dry (un-compressed) signals. 
•Refined markings for matching Distressor Detector settings. 
•Higher resolution readouts
•Improved support for Control Surfaces, including the older Avid D-Command
•New Presets from renown engineers!!!

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NOTE: Rev 2.0 for MAC only, Windows support coming soon.

Empirical Labs will be offering a Special Introductory $100 discount for 30 days at empiricallabs.com. All Arousor software updates are free until 2020!

About Empirical Labs
Empirical Labs Inc. (ELI) is a New Jersey-based company that designs and produces professional audio equipment and software for creative professionals. ELI products are made with one simple philosophy that drives the company and continues their success: "We want to make products that work a little easier, a little better, and a lot longer - and make sure they are fun to use." 

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