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The official newsletter of Electronic Musician magazine by Gino Robair A Primedia Property February 1, 2003 ADVERTISEMENT Cakewalk Project5 coming March

Cakewalk Project5 coming March 2003
Project5 is the complete soft synth workstation. It offers a flexible,expandable studio environment through seamless integration ofinstruments and tools. Features: 5 stellar instruments, a suite ofaudio FX, and audio looping tools integrated in one workstation.Project5's open environment (ASIO, DX, DXi, MFX, ReWire client, WDM,VST, VSTi) allows your virtual studio to grow, placing no limits onyour creativity.

The officialnewsletter of Electronic Musician magazine
by Gino Robair
A PrimediaPropertyFebruary 1,2003

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Product Update - Special post-NAMMedition
New products,software updates, and more. . .
One of the most talked about items at the show was the Open Labs OpenSyntheKo, which marries a Windows-based Pentium 4 computer, a pianokeyboard, and four control modules (the version on display included anASCII keyboard, a module of knobs, and a module of sliders). OpenSynthoffers a frightening amount of expandability, and a number of thirdparties are interested in creating custom modules for the system. We'llbe keeping an eye on this one.

Alesis showed anumber of new items at the show. The Ion is a 49-key analog-modelingsynth that offers 8-voice polyphony (three oscillators and twomultimode filters per voice), a vocoder, and effects. The ProActive 5.1System is a complete surround monitoring system for the personalstudio. It comes with a digital decoder and digital and analog I/O andis priced under $500. The ProLinear 720DSP active studio referencemonitor includes a serial interface that allows you to use a computerto control up to 16 monitors. The monitors have built-in a digitalcrossover and parametric EQ, so you can tweak the sound of the monitorto fit the monitoring environment.

Audio-Technica introduced the AT3060, aphantom-powered tube microphone at a very low price point. Thelarge-diaphragm AT3060 has a cardioid pattern and a frequency responseof 50 Hz to 16 kHz; it can handle sound-pressure levels up to 134dB.

BlueMicrophones introduced the Ball, the first phantom-powered (48V)dynamic microphone. The attractive, softball-shaped mic has a cardioidpattern, a frequency response of 35 Hz to 16 kHz, and a maximum SPLrating of 146 dB. Blue says that phantom power allows the Ball tomaintain a constant resistance load, which results in a smooth and opensound.

It was exciting to finally see and hear Creamware's Noah at thisyear's show. The 2U device offers synth modeling, effects processing, aUSB interface, and a convenient software editor for Windows (a Macversion is on the way). Noah includes six instruments: Minimax,Creamware's virtual Minimoog; a reproduction of the Sequential CircuitsPro-One; the B-2003 drawbar organ; the Vectron Player, modeled afterthe Sequential Circuits Prophet VS; Lightwave, a wavetable synth; andSix-String, a plucked-string modeling module.

Event unveiledplenty of new monitors, including the Tuned Reference 8XL biampeddirect-field monitor system and powered and unpowered versions of theStudio Precision 8 monitors. The Studio Precision 8s, the higher-endsystem, sounded great on the show floor.

Eventideannounced the Clockworks Legacy plug-in collection for the DigidesignPro Tools HD. Clockworks Legacy includes five reproductions of classicEventide effects: the H910 (its first harmonizer), H949 (a so-calleddeglitched pitch changer), Instant Phaser (a swept filter bank with twooutputs that are 180 degrees out of phase from one another), InstantFlanger (an analog flanger), and Omnipressor (which offered compressionand expansion simultaneously).

Focusritedisplayed the ISA 428 Pre Pack, which puts four Rupert Neve-designedFocusrite ISA-series mic preamps in a single device. Each of thetransformer-based preamps offers switchable impedance, DI inputs, aSoft Limiter circuit, phase button, phantom power, inserts, andmetering. The ISA 428 can be ordered with an optional 8-channel 192 kHzA/D converter.

MOTU unveiled itssoftware sampler plug-in, MachFive, which is dual-platform (Mac/Win)and will be available for MAS, RTAS, VST, AU, HTDM, and DXi. Thecompany says that MachFive will import files in WAV, Acid, AIFF, SDII,REX, Akai, Kurzweil, SampleCell, EXS24, HALion, Roland, Em-u, Giga, andCreamware formats. Whew! It will also offer support for sample rates upto 192 kHz and the ability to import and playback multichannel samplesin surround.

Novationunveiled a few tasty goodies as well. The V-station is a virtual analogVST synth plug-in (Mac/Win), based on the company's K-Station synth,that offers eight voices per instance. Novation also announced the KSRack, a rackmountable (and table-top) version of the KS-4/KS-5 familyof polyphonic synths; and ReMOTE 25, a battery-powered MIDI controllerwith USB connectivity that can be used to control Mac- andWindows-based digital-audio sequencers.

Roland showeda number of excellent new products. The V-synth gathers many ofRoland's proprietary technologies (for example, VariPhrase and COSM)into one keyboard instrument. The instrument's TimeTrip pad was ashowstopper, and EM will be checking it out in greater depth very soon.Roland also showed the Fantom-S and Fantom-S88 workstations, which addsampling and other new features to this popular product; VariOScombines a 1U DSP module with a software complement that can be usedfor audio manipulation or phrase playback; the SPD-S is an electronicdrum pad that offers 9 zones and the ability to sample.

Zvex, a companythat specializes in innovative boutique stomp boxes, released the NanoHead under its new ZVex Amps line. The Nano Headis a diminutive tube guitar amp, approximately the size of a pack ofcards, that you can plug directly into your speaker cabinet. It sportsa pair of tiny tubes but offers a very big sound.

For information about more new products, check out EM's online NAMM-show report.

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The annual South by Southwest Music andMedia Conference (SXSW) will take place March 12 through 16, 2003,in Austin, Texas. SXSW consists of a trade show, conference, and musicfestival with hundreds of bands participating. This year's keynotespeaker at the conference will be producer Daniel Lanois, and otherspeakers and panelists will include record executives, musicjournalists, and label owners. Performers will include LucindaWilliams, Camper Van Beethoven, Willie Nelson, and many more. Visit theSXSW site for moredetails and registration info.

Shure's Needlz.com is holdingthe DJ Biology contest. The contest will be judged by John Acquaviva,and the prizes include the chance to make a white-label record, ameeting with John Acquaviva, and a trip to the 2003 Winter MusicConference in Miami, Florida. Shure will also outfit the winning artistwith a phono-gear prize package. Begin by filling out the onlineregistration form.


Now Hear This!
Keep your ears tuned to the music...give them a sound check! The HouseEar Institute invites you to join Sound Partners who are raising awareness ofnoise-induced hearing loss and hearing conservation among audio,recording and electronics industry professionals. Listen longer...practice safe sound.
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We're All Eyes
By MartyCutler

Miles Davis's Birth of the Cool represents the collaborative effortsof some of Be-Bop's most fertile composers and arrangers. Birth of theCool: Scores from the Original Parts (Hal Leonard/MusicDispatch.com) contains the restored chartsthat Miles Davis created in collaboration with such notables as GilEvans, John Lewis, Gerry Mulligan, and John Carisi. The publicationrepresents over two years of preparation. Although much of the materialrelies on transcriptions, some of the arrangements derive from copiesobtained from esteemed arranger and composer Gunther Schuller.

The folio begins with a short, colorful history of the genesis ofthe songs and arrangements, followed by brief biographies of theproject's core constituents. Before leading into the scores, editorJeff Sultanof provides an interesting and illuminating sectiondetailing the restoration of the charts. Charts include Denzil Best's"Move," "Boplicity," by Miles Davis; "Budo," by Miles Davis and BudPowell; and "Israel," by John Carisi. Arrangements include annotationsaccounting for variations between live performances of the material andrecordings and details for optional endings.

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