Encore Plus: Advanced Automation System from AMS Neve

AMS Neve announces the release of Encore Plus automation. The latest generation of the acclaimed Encore software, Encore Plus, is available for the entire range of AMS Neve consoles including 88RS, DFC Gemini, Aquarius, MMC and Libra Post. Along with a number of automation enhancements, Encore Plus delivers several major new features including Reconform, Automation in Stop, Mix Audition and Star Command remote control of digital audio workstations.

Automation Reconform is a highly significant development. It is becoming increasingly common for pictures to be re-cut right up to and beyond the last possible moment. In the past this became frustrating as mixes had to be rerun from change points. Now change lists can be taken into Encore Plus and the mix automation cut and spliced automatically to reflect picture changes. This significantly reduces the work load on the Mixer as pictures are re-cut as well as allowing greater freedom to the Director who can now continue to make creative changes right up to the dub without disrupting the mixing process.

Automation can now be written whilst the timeline is stationary, automation in stop, with user defined “automation to” settings. Dynamic automation can also be written at less than play speeds enabling exact settings and movements to be made with pinpoint accuracy. Mix Audition, based on the enhanced system speed, enables near instant play of numerous versions of a mix. An essential tool for all applications.

The Star Command control system enables automated control of connected Pro Tools systems, including plug ins, from the console surface via HUI. The console can also control Nuendo. Star Command also implements the Oasis standard which gives tight and comprehensive control over Pyramix workstations. Multiple DAWs can be controlled from a single desk. No new hardware is required.

Encore Plus also incorporates Session Import which allows mix data from a Pro Tools 5.0 Session to be imported into the console. Fader movements that were created in Pro Tools at home or in a smaller studio become part of the Encore Plus Automation of the console allowing the DAW faders to be set flat thus maintaining full bit resolution within the workstation.

Encore Plus uses a combination of updated operating system, new software and new connection to provide far greater speed. Saving and loading mixes, autosave, mix audition and similar tasks are up to fifty times faster than in Encore.

Encore Plus is supplied as standard on all new 88RS, DFC Gemini, Aquarius, MMC, Libra Post and Libra Music consoles. For existing Encore customers, Encore Plus can be supplied either as a complete new Encore Plus system or on an upgrade and exchange programme.

For more information, point your Web browser to http://www.ams-neve.com/.