Engineer John Cuniberti Opens Digital Therapy Lab The Plant’s Longtime Mastering Engineer Resumes Career As An Independent

Engineer John Cuniberti, who has operated The Plant’s mastering facilities since 2000, has left the historic Sausalito, Calif., recording studio to open up his own mixing and mastering studio, Digital Therapy Lab, located in the hills above Oakland, Calif.
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“During my stay at The Plant I had the privilege of working with some very talented artists over a huge range of musical styles,” says Cuniberti. “Although the mastering business was growing, The Plant Recording Studios were fighting to stay alive in a rapidly changing environment. With all the large studios I grew up in closing around me, I needed to become pro-active and find my own solutions.”

Exiting The Plant’s well-appointed mastering studio, which Cuniberti designed with Manny LaCarrubba, gives John the ability to offer comparable first-rate services at a lower cost and with faster turnaround time.

“I can do a better job in my own studio without all the distractions of a large studio complex,” says Cuniberti. “I don’t need an assistant, a maintenance engineer, or someone to answer the phone. It’s just me and the music, and I love that.”

His efficient way of working benefits clients, as well. Artists can send files to Digital Therapy Labs via an Internet FTP for mastering. Once the client approves the reference, Cuniberti will then cut the master DDP and upload it to the pressing plant via the Internet.

Cuniberti, whose career spans three decades and includes engineering and co-producing Joe Satriani’s groundbreaking Surfing With the Alien, as well as recording and/or mastering albums for Dead Kennedys, Tracy Chapman, Thomas Dolby, and Sound Tribe Sector 9, has already mixed or mastered many projects from his own studio. Recent Digital Therapy Lab credits include Joe Satriani’s new album, Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock, The Neville Brothers’ Heart & Soul of New Orleans, and The Funky Meters’ Fiyo at the Fillmore Volume 2.

Digital Therapy Lab features a ProTools|HD3 workstation with Waves, API and SSL plug-ins plus Sonic Studio mastering software. Monitoring is provided by a pair of Meyer HD-1 studio monitors tuned by LaCarrubba. Other accoutrements include custom Neve buss summing, SSL analog buss compressors and Lavry digital converters. “Today, in my own studio, I can mix as good a sounding record as I ever did on a fifteen-foot console in a room full of gear.”

Cuniberti offers recording, mixing, and mastering services, as well as record production and project studio design and consulting. For more information on Cuniberti and Digital Therapy Lab, visit