Enter to Win Guitar World's Huge Giveaway

The Gear Up for Fall Giveaway adds up to more than $7,500 in guitars, effects and an amp.
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Many of you are guitar players, but even if you're not, you certainly know guitar players and probably even work with some. Or you may just love the thrill of winning free stuff, even it goes straight to Ebay.

Regardless of the scenario, you certainly have a few seconds to try to win this huge Gear Up for Fall Giveaway guitar prize package from our sister publication, Guitar World.

Anyone with discriminating taste can see the quality of the $2,240 Kiesel Aries 7-string guitar and the $1559 ISP Technologies ThetaPro DSP floor-controlled guitar system. And no matter what your instrument, you'll want to try playing it through the Decibel Eleven Dirt Clod Overdrive Distortion Pedal, the Tone Bakery Creme Brulee Boost pedal and the $1,895 Lerxst Chi Alex Lifeson signature 15 watt, 1×12 combo amplifier.

Get on over the Guitar World Gear Up for Fall Giveaway page and enter your email to win! It's all over on November 30, so do it; do it now. 

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