Equipped Music: Premier Beats

Premier Beats is a class act, from ace content to organization to packaging. One DVD has 1,414 loops in Apple Loops and non-Acidized WAV file formats; many are deconstructed versions of full musical selections, such as kick-snare loops, just chords, just hi-hats, full instrumentals, full beats, etc.
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The second DVD-ROM has the same content as REX2/RMX files, and a Reason-specific ReFill (Combinator, ReDrum, and Dr. REX patches, along with samples). There’s also a folder with 3,740 WAV samples—chords, bass, electric piano, kicks, snares, hats, percussion, scratches, vinyl noise, etc., with tonal ones often containing samples in three keys. Are 310 snare and 606 kick samples enough for you?

Yeah, I thought so.

I didn’t audition every single sample and loop—because I’d still be writing this review in 2009. But I listened to a ton of material, including Reason patches, and it’s all good. The drums sound exceptionally solid, the instrumental parts are authentic, and I’ll be using the samples in various soft synths. For audio examples, go to www.equippedmusic.se, where you’ll find lots of MP3 snippets. Other than not acidizing the WAV files, this set does everything right—and with so much good material, gives value for money.

Big Fish Premier Beats

Contact: Equipped Music, www.equippedmusic.se, dist. By www.bigfishaudio.com.

Format: Two DVD-ROMs with Apple Loops, WAV files, REX2 files, Reason ReFill, and thousands of WAV samples; all 24-bit/44.1kHz

List price: $199.95